Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Donor Insemination Research Project

H/t to Somewhat Ordinary (she has a private blog) for the idea.

Recently, Mel posted in the LFCA about a donor insemination research project. In case you missed the blurb, I'll repost it here.

This is "a research project examining the way in which the Internet is used to facilitate donor insemination; to negotiate access to donor sperm, to establish kinship ties or as a support network, for example. The experiences of anyone invested in sperm donation are sought: this could be women/couples who have been recipients of donor sperm, children from donor sperm or the sperm donors themselves."

I recently contacted the researcher and she told me that she would be looking to start the research soon, but wanted to make sure that she had enough participants.

If you have used or are using donor insemination to help build your family, I encourage all of you to please contact the researcher here. I'm hoping that we can get a large number of DI bloggers to participate.