Thursday, July 15, 2010


No, it's not the number of days since I posted.  It's the mileage on my car right now.  I was able to watch it turn from 69,999 to 70,000 on my way to work this morning.  It was a thrill.  :)

Nothing much going on here; I think that's a good thing.  Currently at 25 weeks and baby has decided that if it presses its fist as hard as it can against the side of my belly for an extended period of time, that it will "break on through to the other side."  So far the baby isn't listening to me, so I may be giving birth to a teenager.  Here's some bullet points for your amusement:

-Last weekend, we went up to see JD's family and, true to form, my SIL could not keep herself from making some truly obnoxious and hateful statements.  As I told JD later, this is sad in two ways.  First, the family is close and I'd love to have a good relationship with SIL.  I'm settling for guarded but cordial, and the fact that I'm settling stinks.  Second, if it were any other person, I'd just have nothing to do with them, but because this is JD's sister, I can't just totally avoid her or think of her as having died in some freak napalming incident.  That stinks too.

-This week, JD and I visited our preferred choice for a daycare center and everything went well.  Something had to, eventually, right?  I mean, it's the law of averages.

-Today, the junk company is coming to take away some large pieces of furniture that were living in what will be the baby's room.  The company recycles or donates the vast majority of the stuff that they collect, so I felt good knowing that the usable things (as opposed to JD's desk made of sawdust which won't last a move of 2 inches) wouldn't just end up in a landfill.  I would've preferred to have Goodwill or a similar organization get the stuff directly, but the charities in my area won't pickup from an apartment.  I figure I'm paying for the convenience of getting it all out at one time.

-I also had a freak out this week while researching pediatricians.  Saw the schedule for recommended vaccinations and my eyes almost fell out of my head.  It really seems like a lot of shots.  I got The Vaccine Book from the library, so I'll be going through that to start some initial research.  I'm also going to schedule an info session with the pediatrician group near us that I've found.  I'm pro-vaccine, particularly considering that the baby will be in daycare, but I'm concerned about the multiple shots for multiple diseases in very short periods of time.  Opinions/suggestions welcome here.

-The other thing I've started working on this week is getting us and The Boy signed up for some training on introducing dog and baby.  I still need to make appointments for the 1-hour glucose test (hooray) and a fetal scan at 28 weeks to get an estimated weight.  This last scan was recommended by my doctor as measuring fundal height on me (and my upper and lower bellies) won't be at all accurate for judging the size of the baby.

I'm being swamped at work, so I'll end this here.  Hope y'all are doing well.


MrsSpock said...

My son had all his vax- he's in group day care too- and trust me when I tell you this, for the past two years we have been sick every 3-4 weeks without fail. It is just now getting better. The only thing we delayed was Hep B, which we have started now that he is two. They start Hep B at birth, not because it is critical to prevent illness at that time, but because most folks have trouble maintaining compliance with a three-series of shots within 6 months, and it is easy to get it done with everything else.

I just figured he was getting poked enough already, and once they are two, there really are no major appt or shots to get, so we delayed.

Searching for Serenity said...

Glad to hear work is busy and that you seem to be feeling more like yourself these days.

As for the vac schedule. I didn't get my hands on Dr. Sears book until a week before Nugget's 2 month check-up. So it's great that you're doing your research now so you have time to think it through. I thought the book was VERY informative. We've been doing the Alternative Schedule and it's been going well. Definitely as the Ped if they support this decision. Mine has supported it. If they don't at least support it, you should run in the other direction. My Ped doesn't think it's necessary, but at least she supports our choice. The only change we've needed to make to the schedule is the MMR vac. Dr. Sears suggests splitting it up M, M, and R. But my clinic doesn't offer it broken up. The alternative schedule means you'll be going in for shots every months until the baby is 9 months. It was worth my time, IMHO.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


N said...

I didn't like the multiple shots all at once either and I do believe in vaccines as my child is in daycare. She is 3 now and fully vaccinated. I ended up doing a modified sears schedule. Make a spread sheet. It is hard to keep track. There are so many. Also talk to your doc about how much time you need in between shots. I think you need 6 weeks for non live and 8 weeks for live. to make sure they get the right immune response. If you want to chat more email me.

Bean said...

Hi there. So glad to see a post - I was just thinking about you yesterday and hoping that you were feeling better. Glad to hear things are moving along well. I have no advice on the vaccine thing. We've just stuck with the standard schedule. Fortunately, both kids have handled it well. I know we live pretty close - am curious about which daycare you're looking at -- near home or work?

LJ said...

Sorry about the SIL, that's really a shame that she has to be so small as to instigate like that.

BUT it does sound like you're making some real progress at home - that's awesome!

On Vaccines, I haven't really seen anything convincing to make me go against the schedule. I bet if you talk to a few pediatricians, you may find someone who can talk through benefits of spacing them a bit further apart though...

Quiet Dreams said...

So sorry about the SIL. Yeesh.

So glad that some things are looking up.

~Jess said...

We just followed the schedule, which of course had me a NERVOUS WRECK!, but everything has been ok so far.

Family is definitely the #1 source of stress in my life. I have these issues with my brother, and unfortunately, now my sister. It sucks to want to have a relationship, but they make it so damn hard!

YAY! for 25 weeks!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I went with the standard schedule. My ped isn't against spreading it out I just didn't want to put him through shots all the time. I figured I was going to do them all anyway so why not get it over with and not make him miserable over the shots over and over again. It came down to it that he very rarely got a fever or irritable from the shots, but iit just seemed less traumatic to get them done and over with.

Glad to hear from you!

Jo said...

It certainly feels like 70,000 days since you posted! Glad things are on the up and up. We worry, you know.

Hoping that there is nothing to post but mundane details for weeks and weeks to come.

Big hugs,

Lucy said...

You sound productive! Great progress! :)

Lucy said...

You sound productive! Great progress!

Meghan said...

So good to hear from you! Glad you're feeling better. Must admit you tricked me for a second talking about The Boy...I forgot that's what you called the dog and thought for a sec you had found out what you were having!

As far as vaccines go, I have not read any science related to delaying them (and I read a lot of that science, working in the autism field and all). So we went with the regular schedule. Not going to lie though, even though I knew in my head there was no risk, I was still so nervous about the first few. I did delay the Hep B at the hospital, there is absolutely no need for it (my ped told me to) and passed on the antiobiotics in the eyes.

Oh...and if you're looking for child care around your work, with our move we have to opt out of our nanny share in September. Let me know if you're interested. She's the sweetest grandmother type ever and sometimes I think Sophie loves her more than me

PFM said...

In college I witnessed by old VW go too 100K. I took a picture of the odometer. Then lost the camera at a bar celebrating my friend's 21st bday.

Anonymous said...

I too did research and talked to my ped - I opted for the standard schedule so that they would not have to go multiple times - let me tell you that it sucks to see them scream in shock after they get the shots..

you sound great - sorry about SIL...

Dora said...

In law stories always make me glad I don't have any! My most recent ex has the sister from hell. (Tried to break us up, etc.) Good for you for being cordial.

I've also done the standard vax schedule. Sunshine has been in daycare since she was 13 weeks old. She'll be 8 months next week, and has gotten 1 cold (at 5 mos), which she knocked out in 4 days. But maybe we've just been lucky.

La La said...

I was doing my own version of an extended schedule - actually, I was sort of picking and choosing like it was a menu. ;)

But then Hubby got his transplant and now we can't vaccinate at all SOOO, I'm no help.

I agree that all ths shots at once are scary. I don't think there is a "right" or a "wrong" here, it's just about waht you are comfortable with. Perosnally, I was comfortable spreading them out. My goal was (and is) to get them vaccinated before kindergarten. If we do preschool, we may have to revise that plan.

.Thothythra said...


There will be some jealousy. Mine pretended to be injured and seemed depressed during those first few days. Once I allowed him back on the bed, he was his old happy self again. My unasked for advice is to try to keep things stable for The Boy. If rules are going to change, change them now and not the day you get home from the hospital. Change can be scary when you don't understand the language and everyone but you has opposable thumbs.