Friday, March 2, 2007

About Me & TTC History

Who is me?

Jendeis, sassy lawyer chick dealing with family, faith and parenting-after-infertility in the Washington, DC area. View my Blogger Profile. Welcome!

The Cast of Characters (so far)

Series Regulars
Jendeis - tha's me!
John Dear (JD) - my husband
R (aka Lil' Man) - our son
The Boy - our dog

The Medicos
GFC - Giant Fertility Clinic

Our TTC History

Since Forever: Jendeis is crazy; John Dear is too, he's also got ejaculatory inhibition (site is Christian-oriented, but has the best explanation about this issue).

August 2005: Get married.

January 2008: After 6 months of TTC with no BFP in site, and with doctor's blessing (because we have a known factor of IF) go to see doctor at GFC. We begin the Beguine.

March 2008: After years of ineffective therapy and meds, JD is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Informal evaluations reveal that JD's mother, sister and nephew likely have Asperger's as well.

May 2008: Officially diagnosed with male-factor infertility due to ejaculatory inhibition and poor motility. We're told that IVF/ICSI is really the only chance at having a baby using JD's sperm. Odds of natural conception: 1-2%. Unfortunately, GFC will not do IVF on anyone whose BMI is over 40. Mine = 46. JD and I start Weight Watchers the next day.

The Rest of 2008: JD and I switch REs at GFC to someone who is more experienced with male-factor issues. Frustrated with my rate of weight loss, I meet with nutritionist at GFC's center for alternative therapies. She re-organizes my food plan to enhance fertility and increase effective weight loss. I start attending yoga for fertility classes and acupuncture sessions.

February 2009: After much struggle and prayer, JD and I decide to move forward with donor sperm for genetic reasons.

June 2009: First dIUI - Home test shows a BFN; but beta is positive at 40.8. We are blissfully happy and pregnant for four days while the numbers keep doubling. Then, the numbers stop doubling. Worries about an ectopic pregnancy. Ultrasound shows what is likely an empty sac in the uterus. Beta numbers start dropping, miscarriage.

The rest of 2009: dIUIs #2 - #5: all negative

February 2010: BFP on dIUI #6!!

March - June 2010: Hyperemesis (morning sickness to the millionth power).  Yuck.  Alleviated by use of a subcutaneous pump, pushing Zofran into me 24 hours-a-day.

November 2, 2010: R is born!  All-natural childbirth thanks to Bradley Method and our doula.

March 2012: Once more unto the breach...

May 2012: dIUI #1 - BFN.

July 2012: dIUI #2 - BFP!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


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