Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Still Alive

Thanks to all those who've been checking up on me.  Nothing much has changed around here -- still at my parents' (I seem to experience a backslide in health (not on purpose) every time I try to move back to my own home), still on the pump (back at my elevated level of meds after a disastrous experience trying to wean off last week prompted by my DA (dumb a**) insurance company), still crazy after all these years.

My days are pretty similar from one day to the next: eat oatmeal, drink water, read the paper, eat pears (diced or mashed; did you know pears have tons of fiber and can be used instead of prunes for relieving constipation?), check my work email, drink water, take The Boy and myself on a 30-minute walk, eat a handful of mini-pretzels, read book/magazine, drink more water, play online Sudoku/jigsaw puzzles, have JD make me a cuppa tea, nap, feel sick, realize I haven't eaten for 90 minutes and that's why I'm sick, eat a piece of raisin toast, drink more water, do another online puzzle while listening to a C-SPAN podcast, eat dinner with family, watch the Caps or 24, eat Jello, sleep.  Pooping is an event worthy of cheers and fistbumps.  This is sad.  I am hopeful that I will be able to do some short stints (a couple hours at a time) back at work next week.

Overall though, I'm doing much better now than I was a few weeks ago.  I'm at 14 weeks today and we're going to try weaning me off the pump again in about a week and a half.  I'm hopeful that that will go better than last week, but am pretty Zen about it.  If I have to stay on the pump, so be it.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

"Home is where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in."

I'm still alive.  But, to use Leah's words, I have been feeling like fried a**.  First, we had an interlude of antibiotic-induced projectile vomiting that lasted for 24 straight hours, then I ran out of IV fluids and the home healthcare people lost their brains and took 5 days to get me new baga, then it didn't really matter because after just one new bag, my IV got pulled out and all the King's horses and all the King's men could not put an IV into me again, then I traveled on the SS Constipation (motto: "This ship don't move") for about a week.  Oh, and John Dear lost his job again.  Life has not been pretty.

We have now been living with my parents for 2 whole weeks.  That's the only part that's been going well.