Thursday, March 18, 2010

The House That Nausea Built

Please don't read if you are in a bad mental space, since this will mainly be bitching.  But, don't worry, I tell myself "eff off, you're pregnant, you arsehole" on a regular basis.

Have been laid up with the nausea since my last post, as in flat on my back, except for the retching, can't do anything, no, really, anything, except for listen to C-SPAN on the radio because I don't have a working TV in my bedroom, nausea.  Got in to see an OB earlier this week, who recommended we try a subcutaneous pump with anti-nausea meds as I'm spilling ketones and they are worried I'm becoming dehydrated.  Waiting for the insurance approval to come through.  Hope this comes through soon, because I haven't had my happy pills in quite a while and I started to cry while listening to President Obama speak about health care.  He's inspirational, he ain't that inspirational.  I need the happy pills.  Going to try grating them onto my toast.

If I never drink ginger ale again, it'll be too soon.  I'm currently subsisting on water mixed with apple juice, cinnamon toast (regular bread toasted with a little butter, cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on it) once a day and white rice once a day.  There are some other things to try in my fridge (popsicles, Jello, Kozy Shack (rice pudding)), but something smells in there (or at least, I smell something in there, no one else does, so when I open the fridge I feel sick and then don't eat anything).

Too dizzy to shower.  The last time I showered, JD had to hold me up and I vomited anyway.  I am gross.  Going to see if I can get my mom to wash my hair in the sink.

My day is divided amongst four main segments:

1.) Moaning/Vomiting/Writhing while listening to C-SPAN Radio (not because of the C-SPAN, just cause I need a soundtrack)
2.) Rereading all of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series
3.) Thinking about what food I'd like to eat if I wasn't too nauseated and could actually eat something (hint: everything)
4.) Sleeping

Will now call doctor to see if they can encourage the insurance company to approve the dang pump.  Am concerned that the insurance company is just trying to wait out the first trimester, thinking that I'll stop being sick at week 12, so they've only got to stall another month.

Have not read blogs in many a moon, but I think about all of you and pray that you are doing OK.


Bean said...

I am sooo sorry you're so sick. And no need to apologize for the bitching. Doesn't matter how long you tried -- being that sick must be just awful! But I'm glad you posted - been thinking of you alot and wondering you are doing. Hoping the nausea goes away (or at lease gets less severe) soon.

Nixy said...

This sucks. And I feel your pain.

Hopefully it starts to lighten for you at 12 weeks!!!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear how very sick you are. It can not be fun and it doesn't matter if you tried for 10 years or 1 cycle no one should have to be this sick. I hope the insurance company gets off their butts soon and helps you with some relief!

Me said...

I am so sorry you feel so awful. :(

Jill said...

I've been MIA since my daughter was born, so I completely missed your announcement! I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU (the pregnant part, not the sick part!) Congrats and feel better! I'll be thinking of you!

Photogrl said...

I'm so sorry that you're having such a rough time...


PJ said...

Are the happy pills Zofran? Because they worked pretty well for me.

ha! I can totally commiserate though. I was miserable up until 10-14 weeks.

I have a picture of the recycle bin at work, with about 3/4 filled green ginger ale bottles!

Preggie pops helped a couple of times, as did those Ginger People brand ginger chews, which are yummy (esp. the apple ones).

I carried a baggie around in my purse for possible accidents and had an extra change of clothes in the car. It was that bad. I couldn't stand myself.

Do whatever you can do not to get dehydrated though.


PJ said...

And don't feel guilty for feeling miserable. Pregnancy is hard on the body, no matter how you got there. It's OK to bitch!

Clare said...

So sorry for you sweetie. My nausea and vomiting has been bad but yours sounds horrific. I have found a combination of foot massage at night with chamomile oil, a homeopathic remedy for nausea taken throughout the day and lots of hot lemon with ginger and honey are getting me through - sending you hugs xx

Melissa G said...

I've heard the sicker the mom, the healthier the baby - as far as nausea goes that is.

I'm sorry you're feeling so crappy, but hoping that wivestale proves to be true for you.


Quiet Dreams said...

Nausea is quite possibly the worst physical sensation EVAR. And I'm not sure that what Melissa G said is a "wive's tale;" I used to do pregnancy education (ironic, no?), and nausea is definitely considered a good sign of a strong pregnancy (though its absence doesn't mean much, necessarily).

Hair-washing idea: don't know if you feel much like going out, but a friend of mine in HS coudldn't shower for a while due to an injury, and she would go to the hair salon to get it washed. Just a thought. You might be less dizzy lying back like that.

And I agree with those above--miserable is miserable, even if it's for a productive reason. So happy for you, and hoping you get some relief soon.

Liddy said...

I am so sorry you are feeling like crap. Thinking about you.

And it is totally okay to bitch. If you are being real- bitch away!

Calliope said...

oh man. that suuuuuuuuuucks that you are feeling so ill. UNFAIR.
Hope the insurance stuff gets sorted out soon so you can get some very much needed relief.

Hillary said...

Wow that sounds terrible. I really hope your insurance/ dr come through with something - this does not sound healthy at all. Hang in there sweetie!

SassyCupcakes said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling so horrible. Bitch away. I hope you can get the pump asap.

sonja said...

OMG you poor poor thing. I am so sorry you feel so crappy. =( I can't imagine how horrible that nausea must be, and they say nausea is one of the worst things for a person to endure. Hang in there ... I am thinking of you.

annacyclopedia said...

Oh you poor bean! I'm sorry you're feeling so awful and I hope your insurance comes through for you pronto. I've been thinking of you lots so I'm glad to get an update even if it's that you're really suffering. Hope the next one is much happier.

~Jess said...

I'm thinking about you Jen...hopefully the insurance doesn't procrastinate too much longer.

Coffeegrljapan said...

You poor, poor thing. I had a quite unpleasant 1st trimester (twice) and kept thinking, "Why me?" I know that I didn't have it quite as bad as you've just described and it *still* sucked a$$. All I can say is that I feel for you and hope that the insurance stuff gets resolved very, very quickly!!