Friday, October 29, 2010

My higher BP numbers this week have landed me on modified bedrest while we wait for Baby to show up.  No shopping, no putting away of messes and lots of sitting being done around here.  While I grow into my couch, I thought I'd share with you some examples of the political ads in our area.

How well do we know Jack Smith?

We recently learned that Jack Smith plays golf with Satan every single Sunday.

Jack Smith kills puppies for fun.

And last week, Jack Smith said that he hated America.

We can't vote for Jack Smith, cause we don't know Jack.

Jimmy Jones says that he's one of us, but did you know that his real name was Vladimir Lenin?

As a Congressman, Jones sponsored a bill that would end life as we know it.

Not only is Jimmy Jones a Democrat, he also hangs out with people in the Democrat Party.

Sorry, Jimmy, you're not one of us at all.

Any crazy political ads being shown in your area?


S said...

I live in Arizona, so my answer to your question is a resounding "YES!"

For one thing, Ben Quayle is running for the House for our district. His ad where he said Barack Obama is "the worst president in history" made national news.

And actually, the ads by Quayle are tame compared to some of the others here. . . . mostly anti-Obama and seeking to appeal to "Tea Party" types.

I can't wait until November 2 so I don't have to hear this crap anymore!

Meghan said...

So sorry about the bed rest. I'm so antsy right now I can't imagine being forced to sit on the couch all day. Where you at least able to get everything back in order after the sprinklers? Although I kind of like the image of you on the couch and a couple of hot shirtless guys picking it up and carrying you all over as you tell them what to do ;)

The ads are driving me CRAZY. What I can't believe is that if you read the fine print on them, some of the 'atrocities' they are citing happening in 98 or 99. I'm REALLY glad no one is holding me accountable for that I was doing over a decade ago....ridiculous!

Good luck on the final stretch. You're in my thoughts

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Hate hate hate election seasons due to those ads. Drives me crazy. Watching them would not lower my BP :-)

Quiet Dreams said...

So sorry about the bedrest. I hope you can find the humor in the ads...they mostly make me see red.

Leah said...

Um, hello? Any baby yet? And what about Meghan? I'm so excited for you guys!


L said...

I didn't see this post... crazy political ads... STILL GOING ON... since in Minnesota we cannot make up our mind and we are in a recount again. Then we vote in brainless idiots like Bachmann, ugh!