Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm a Copier

"First, Madonna had one. Then Angelina had one. Now, Bruno has one."

Yeah, I'm a copier, completely following Leah and her "Leah understands..." post.

Since I was certain that I would not garner enough finds with "Jendeis," I searched with "Jen understands."

Jen understands how to create a brand from the top down...
Because grass-roots organizing never works. Oh, except for that pesky little civil rights movement in the 50s. Oh, and women's lib, Earth Day, and RESOLVE.

Jen understands the emotional journey we all travel, while offering hard facts to help overcome expected challenges.
Yes, I feel your pain. Additionally, did you know that Leo Gerstenzang was the inventor of the Q-tip?

Jen understands you "use it or lose it" and that fitness of any kind, at any level, is truly medicine to our bodies.
Unfortunately, I don't think I ever had it to lose it, but yes, fitness is important for our bodies and minds.

Jen understands that selling your home can be a stressful and emotional process.
Why not add in buying a new home, moving, having your car die and getting married in addition to the selling part? Just get all the stress in at once.

Jen understands the importance of investing in our communities to enhance our economy and our quality of life.
That's why Jen wants to move, so she can invest in a community she wants to be in, rather than in NoVA.

Jen understands the holistic approach the average athlete needs.
Sorry, I can only come up with dirty answers to this one.

Jen understands the composition of the world is not always black and white, but RED, the color of flame.
"She dreams in color, she dreams in red. Can't find a better man..."

Jen understands that there is satisfaction in clearing, but it can also be emotionally charged and draining at times...
For example, sometimes someone has a 3-foot broken trophy that he refuses to get rid of for like 4 years. Not like this is personal, I probably just heard that somewhere.

Jen understands the likely misapprehensions that Hector has right now regarding this pneumonia.
Luckily, she knows other pneumonias that she can introduce him to.

Jen understands little of this as it seems to her that honor asks the impossible.
Not really. Only two things: "Justice, justice, shall you pursue" and "Truth, even unto its innermost parts."


Io said...

I like your responses! Sadly, Io is not exactly a popular name or a googlable one.

Lorza said...

How funny. I totaly searched with Jendeis and got a bunch of stuff about your blog. LOL! How funny. I love your responses. Athletic needs. LOL!!!


PJ said...

Jen should totally move to C'ville. :)