Sunday, November 29, 2009

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I hope that everyone in the US had a happy Thanksgiving, or at the very least, you've survived the long weekend. To everyone else around the globe, hope you had a nice weekend!

Our Thanksgiving was pretty good. We spend odd years with my family, so of course, that's always great. I successfully stayed on detox diet, but it really sucked to not eat stuffing or the four million desserts that were served.

For Thanksgiving, I had:
-Turkey (expertly made by my mom)
-Butternut Squash Soup (also made by my mom, which I thought was awesome and everyone else thought demonstrated how long it's been since I had good food)
-Quinoa with Dried Fruits & Nuts (made by me)
-Butternut Squash Brown Rice Pasta Bake (made by me, not successful, will not be repeating)
-Baked Apples with Oats & Almonds (made by BFF, so I had my own dessert, yay!)

I did prevail upon my mom to give my containers of stuffing, green bean casserole and the pumpkin bread made by the Princess (my brother's wife), all of which are residing in my freezer awaiting post-detox feasting.
On Friday, BFF and I finally made it to the tailor's, to get a bunch of stuff altered (hems, zippers, what have you). We then got lunch and braved the mob at DSW to get some shoes. Then, we just hung out at her house. We always have such a great time together and it was nice to just chill.
Saturday, SIL and her family came over to use our pool. Then, we all met up with JD's parents to have lunch and celebrate SIL's birthday. My in-laws have now successfully ruined another one of my favorite restaurants. All they do is bitch, bitch, bitch. Nothing is ever right. I love them, but sometimes they really suck. Then, we had to sit at the mall's play area with them and four million little kids and babies to watch my nephews frolic in the chaos. It was not fun.

The night improved though, because we had Chinese food and I watched Eric Fehr (whom I met at Hockey 'n' Heels) score a goal 10 seconds before the end of the third period, helping the Caps win in an overtime shootout against Montreal. Yay!
Sunday was spent in lounging around, picking price stickers off our china, washing our china, putting away our china (one day my house will be clean and organized; I hope) and watching TV. Oh, and we had Thai for dinner.


Me said...

My husband calls me "Princess".


Noelle said...

Busy weekend!

I am so proud of you for staying on your detox during one of the most difficult times of the year. It must be so hard. I never have had the self-control that I want to have for holidays.

The mall play station sounds horrible. Going to those things make me cringe. Before they used to make me cringe because of all of the crying kids. Now they make me cringe because of the fact that their are babies and kids and babies and kids and babies and babies and babies!

I want my house to be clean and organized too. I wonder if it will ever happen.

Your in-laws would annoy me with their bitching, too :)

Anonymous said...

Sjoe sounds like a hectic weekend -but that was no doubt good for the peace of mind ;)

Thinking of you and praying for you daily.


Anonymous said...

WOOO HOOOO!!! That is awesome- that is a major feat to stay on the detox diet during Thanksgiving.

~Jess said...

YAY for stickin' with the detox: I give you major credit for that...I don't think I could've managed to.

I love butternut squash's actually a favorite in our house.

It sounds like you had a great weekend!

Quiet Dreams said...

So glad you had a great holiday. :)