Monday, December 7, 2009

Bless the Brown Cows of the Desert That Give Us Hot Chocolate Milk

I had a Venti (read: horse trough) Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream from Starbucks.

It was the best fucking hot chocolate that ever was.


No ill effects from that part of Un-detox (Retox?) Day #1, but then I ate cheese and it was like the Yokohama Bullet Train.(*)(**) So, I'll be continuing the good decision made a year ago to only partake of cheese in rare circumstances.

For lunch, I had chicken and mashed potatoes and creamed spinach (I heart Boston Market). The mashed potatoes were OK, but the creamed spinach was an explosion of love and joy that I haven't experienced since the last episode of Glee.

I'm planning to refrain from dairy the rest of the day, though, so that I can sort of act like I was un-detoxing with moderation whatever that is.

*Is there a bullet train to/from Yokohama?

**Please excuse my nastiness. I was born in a barn -- New Jersey.(***)

***Again, please excuse my insulting demeanor. I'm sure New Jersey is fine, really. No, really. They've got Bon Jovi doing their ad campaign, it can't be all bad.(****)

****Does my state even have an ad campaign? I mean, my real state, not the Shmomonwealth of Shmurshminia. I'm going with the absolutely no-evidence-basis, uneducated guess answer of: No - my state doesn't have an ad campaign. We don't need one. People know how awesome we are without Bon Jovi or Arnold. We have our own state cake! We have many malling options. Goldie Hawn is from here. Plus, our most well-known state song is about our lottery.(*****) Deal with it, people. You wish your state was that awesome. "It could be." If you lived here.

*****Five bucks says that Mel and Lindsay are currently humming our song.

Um, I think the sugar (or the manic chapter of the depressive episode, take your pick) kicked in somewhere around Bon Jovi.


Lorza said...

You. Crack. Me. Up.
Glad you got some enjoyment out fo the hot cocoa!

Melissa G said...

1. Hot Chocolate kicks MAJOR ass.

2. I heart Mr. Schuster.

3. I'm saddened to hear about your conflict with cheese, as my designated "last meal" would be a plate full of various cheeses. The stinkier the better.

4. I LOVE that you tell me/us what you had for lunch, or what you've been cooking lately.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I obviously need to watch more television because I don't know the song. I mostly pay attention to (and can recite) the local hydroponic store commercial that keeps encouraging us to grow "herbs" in an unused closet...

Our state is Treemendous. That's how rockin' it is. Too bad they took down that sign. Ahhh, we'll always have Fingerboard Road.

Anonymous said...

Okay - these are some of my favorite foods - especially the bos.ton market cre.amed spinach.

At star.bucks I get a grande hot chocolate with a pump of toffee nut and caramel drizzle instead of the mocha drizzle - the best thing I have ever chugged while hot.

LJ said...

I came for the lolz and was not disappointed. Is it wrong for me to want you to detox every now and again, just so when you retox you post something so full of epic win like this now and again.

And do you mean the lottery theme? I am now humming the pennsylvania lottery song of all things. Damnit.

Kimbosue said...

I HEART hot chocolate and Boston Market's creamed spinach...although not together though. That could be quite disturbing.

DrSpouse said...

Definitely re-tox. I used to have a yoga teacher who said Friday nights were for "pre-tox" i.e. post-work-week winding down and drinking.

Anonymous said...

For so long I have been a venti-non-fat Gingerbread latte.

You have just convinced me to take a stand, declare to Starbucks that I love them and YES! YES I SAY! I WILL have that hot chocolate today!


Photogrl said...


Enjoy your re-tox.

You deserve it.

~Jess said...

Love hot chocolate...of course every time I drink it I think of the song from Polar Express: Hot Chocolate!

Creamed spinach is one of my favorite foods. Glad the un-detox went relatively well :-)