Saturday, May 15, 2010

Two and a Half Hours

Which of the following best describes two and a half hours?

A.)  The average amount of time Jendeis spends at any one point in the bathroom nowadays.
B.)  The amount of time Jendeis and her mom spent at Mega Baby Superstore just looking at strollers.
C.)  The amount of time in a day that Jendeis is not either eating or sleeping.
D.)  All of the above.

Of course, D is the correct answer, but can you believe that B is correct?  Two and a half hours, people!  Just strollers!!

Based on prior experience, the plan was that me and my mom go initially and narrow the list down to a couple of finalists.  Then, I'll bring JD in and we'll make the final pick together.

Thank goodness that it was just me and my mom. I'm quite certain that if JD and I had gone together it would have turned into some sort of pregnancy/hunger hormone-induced steel cage match.  One of us would not have come out alive.

So, my mom and I spent two and half hours discussing the pros and cons and operations of several strollers amongst ourselves and with a very helpful (and patient) saleswoman, Shari.  The worst part of it is that despite all that time learning how to collapse the strollers and put them back together and put in the infant seat and take out the infant seat that I've completely forgotten all that information and will have to learn it all over again. 

Have decided that I'll need to make instructional stickers for us to emblazon all over the things to remind us how to do it.  Alternatively (or maybe in addition), I want Shari to make a YouTube video that I can refer to every time I have to do something with the stroller.  That's reasonable and not at all insane, right?  Right?


annacyclopedia said...

Oh, sweetie! Once you get the thing home, you will battle with it once or twice, but then you will become a pro. Prepare, however, for your man to master folding down the stroller, but to never seem quite confident about buckling your child into it. Sigh. Actually, Manny has eventually gotten the hang of that, but it sure has taken a long time.

You will be great. A year from now you will be able to do in your sleep what seems impossible now.

Dora said...

Ah, you have a bad case of pregnancy brain. Don't worry, it goes away with delivery. But then you get the dreaded mommy brain. Too sleep deprived to remember anything. ;-)

kimbosue said...

Mommies always know how to do everything with strollers. It's a magic skill I tell you!

Anonymous said...

Blogger isn't accepting my comments. They are wordpress bigots!! This is
posting anon. b/c blogger gives me NO CHOICE!!

Am I crazy? Have I not commented on this post?
I am totally with you on the spending two and a half hours for a stroller. Omg- I STILL Haven't bought a liquor cabinet for my house and have bottles in cardboard boxes b/c I can't make up my mind!!
I moved in October. :)
Way to go on the room- hey- a little bit a time. When it is out in the living room maybe you will just get fed up with it and chunk it!
I am very toss happy when I move. :) I can't believe how I have freed up so much space with each move. LOL!
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!
I am thinking about you!

sonja said...

I know what you mean -- it took us a long time to figure out strollers, too, and with quads there aren't even that many options!! You will find the perfect one eventually!