Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Batting Over 1000

I had my repeat beta (#3 overall) and we got a 1455!  Nurse says we're "off the charts wonderful" and no more blood tests needed.  Hooray!

Now, we just have to wait till our u/s.  Nurse pushed it off a bit (to the 30th) to up the odds that we'll see a heartbeat.  So, we'll just be on pins and needles till then.

It stinks to have to go in so often for the blood tests, but it really is nice to get that validation every other day that things are going well.

Nausea is increasing.  Blech.

JD just called.  LM is running a 100° fever at daycare right now.  JD is going to pick him up and we'll all meet up at the house.  I'm hoping this is just a tooth coming in or too much activity and not the beginnings of something yucky.


Io said...

Yay, so glad to hear the last beta was so awesome! Good luck hanging in there until the 30th.

Bean said...

So fun to see posts from you and congrats!!!!!!!!! said...

I hope LM is feeling better.

WOOT for great betas! I hope the weeks fly by with a beautiful heartbeat on the 30th :)

Trinity said...

Woohoo for rising betas! Yay! Hoping good things come u/s time! (And hoping the little one feels better soon, too!)