Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spotting, Counting, Teething?

I had very light spotting this morning.  Freaked but figured it was more than likely nothing.  Still, went downstairs to double-check Dr. Google and called my nurse at Giant Fertility Clinic.  I've decided that I'm faced with too many decisions.  :)

Here's the scenario:
Nurse's voicemail says she'll be in from 7 AM to 4 PM.  (It's currently 6:45).  You can leave a message or if it's urgent call the main line.

The main line voicemail says they don't answer the phone till 8 AM, but if you have a medical emergency, call 911, or if it's not an emergency but urgent that you speak to someone, you can call the answering service who will page the doctor on call.

So, you've already got this web of choices that you have to go through when you are freaking out but kind of maintaining but kind of freaking.

You can:
A) Leave a message on Nurse's voice mail.
B) Leave a message on main line voice mail.
C) Wait for main line to answer their phone.
D) Call 911.
E) Call answering service and have on-call doc paged.

Where's the line to reach someone that answers in one ring and immediately tells you it's fine, no worries?

Well, I left a message on Nurse's line and she called me back a little after 8.  She thinks it's probably nothing but is going to have me come in for an u/s on Friday as opposed to waiting till the 30th.  I figure if she was really worried, she'd be having me come in today, right away, not waiting for several days.  I'm basically calm now.  No more spotting since this morning.

Sort of related only not question about dates: I'm following the convention of dating since LMP; I think Nurse/GFC is dating from dIUI.  Following my convention, I was 6 weeks this past Saturday.  Following Nurse's convention, I'm not 6 weeks till this Friday.

It doesn't really make a difference except it totally does because let's say someone's family was planning on going on a D-s-n-y cruise and they won't let you on at 24 weeks (like, they'll literally prevent you from getting on the boat) and by my count, I'm 24 weeks the day that we go.  But by Nurse's count, I wouldn't be 24 weeks till the middle of the trip (in which case, I don't know if they'd let me on).  And this probably doesn't matter anyways because: a) the count that really matters is my midwifery practice cause I won't be with GFC past 8 weeks (G-D willing) and it's more likely than not that they will go by LMP, and b) remember how sick I was last time?  I didn't get off the Zofran pump till I was 26 weeks.  Combining my severe motion sickness with hyperemesis?  No thank you.

In other news, LM is fine.  Whatever fever he might have had was gone by the time we picked him up from daycare.  We took it easy Wednesday night and during the day on Thursday (had to keep him home due to daycare policy).  He was fine by Thursday afternoon.  I suspect it was just a teething fever.

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Gina said...

My RE always counted from O or ER dare, not LMP...bc I was doing treatment, we knew very specifically O/ER date...LMP just assumes you Od on CD14, but I had O dates of CD20, etc...so LMP would be very off.

Both my pregnancies were IVF, so very controlled...RE set EDD based on ER. For the midwife, they asked LMP, but I insisted, and wrote it in intake form, too, that they take the EDD from RE...and they did.

It just felt more accurate for me, and it's what I was comfortable with. But tea, here's hoping you aren't sick till 26w again!