Friday, September 14, 2007

It's 3 AM, I Must Be Awake

I am sick with a very bad sore throat, turning into a bad cold. Went to sleep last night at 7:30 PM. JD woke me up with his snoring (he was not wearing his CPAP) and I've been up since 3 AM. It is now almost 6 PM. I am not so happy with JD right now.

Rosh Hashanah was very nice yesterday. Woke up early, got dressed, took The Boy to doggie daycare, then drove up to my parents' house. I had breakfast with my parents and my sister, then we all drove up to shul for services.

The service was packed! Tons of people!

[Just spilled half a glass of very cold water on myself because I thought the glass only had a drop inside. OK, got a new blanket to sit with and am ready to go.]

This was my first experience with the new assistant rabbi. She was ordained this past June, so this was her first High Holidays with our congregation. Her sermon was on the importance of welcoming neighbors into your home and your life. It was OK, much better than what our Head Rabbi puts out.

Had lunch at my parents' house, then headed over to my in laws' to spend some time there at a party that they have every year. Same food, same people, same migraine from the stress of my mother-in-law and the poorly modulated speaking volume of all of her friends.

I apologize for having lost my usual cherub-like demeanor, but I'm sick and in desperate need of sleep. Have decided that I will stay home today so that I don't infect anyone at work. Unfortunately, I've exhausted most of the good things that are available on On Demand cable, so I'm watching a boring hearing on C-SPAN till something better comes on or I fall asleep or both.

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