Thursday, March 6, 2008

Does Doggie Ben-Gay Exist? *UPDATED*

Because The Boy sure needs some. Poor boy, I think that the weather has really caused his arthritis to act up. When John Dear picked The Boy up from doggie daycare last night, they mentioned that he had been lying around all day and was kind of limping. At home, The Boy would only walk on three legs and just wanted to curl up and sit down. John Dear thoughtfully set up the heating pad on the floor and The Boy just nestled up on that.

We gave him half-a-baby aspirin yesterday and once this morning. When he got up this morning, he immediately wet himself, so it was a tough morning.

I took him to work with me in the hopes that we could get him into the vet, but the vet is out of the office today and won't be able to see my boy until tomorrow. I think it's also good that he's with me so that he can just have a mellow day without the excitement of daycare.

The Boy is not really eating or drinking, but was very perky when we got up to go for a walk, drank a ton of water after the walk and scarfed down the three little meatballs I got him from the sub shop. I think he also ate some pebbles (dog food) and some water that time. I think as long as he doesn't refuse to eat at all and keeps going to the bathroom, he should be fine.

**UPDATE: In response to some worries, just wanted to let y'all know that the dosage of baby aspirin was given with the advice and consent* of SIL, who is a veterinarian. We'll be seeing The Boy's regular vet (we started seeing him before JD and I met) tomorrow morning.**

*Sheesh, could I BE more of a lawyer?


Almamay said...

Nothing worse than when our furry family members aren't feeling well. I hope The Boy gets better.

Jen said...

Be careful with the human medications for dogs. My vet told me that they can be really harmful. Something about how their metabolism is completely different. You can get dog painkillers pretty cheap and they even taste like beef.

I hope he feels better soon.

Io said...

Aw, poor baby doggie! I hope he feels better soon.

Ahuva Batya said...

Would Glucosimine/Chondroitin supplements help? Our 11-year old has been taking them and it has made a huge difference in his mobility. Poor doggy.

Fertilized said...

I hope the Pup gets well sson and hte vet has some relief foryou and the pup

Marie said...

I am a delurker today. I read all of you blog and thought it very interesting. I am taking my newest furbaby to the vet tomorrow to get her fixed. I do not want to but we rescued her so we have to. I hope your boy is ok.

Ms Heathen said...

Poor boy! Hope he feels better soon, and that his trip to the vet isn't too stressful for either him or you.