Saturday, August 2, 2008

Late Night -- An Olio

Nothing much going on but a little insomnia. Today was a pretty good day. Went to WW early this morning - down 1.8 lbs for the week! I'm getting back on that train. John Dear should be in their ads, he's down 17 lbs total!

A note about the WW meeting: a woman got her lifetime key this morning (meaning that she reached her goal weight and successfully kept within 2 lbs of that goal for at least 6 weeks.) How much weight did she lose to reach her goal? 21. Twenty freaking one pounds! That wasn't her 10% -- no, that was her goal weight! Her goal loss is less than the amount that I have to lose to reach my 10%. I strenuously object, stamp my feet and use that time-honored and prestigious legal argument, "NO FAIR!"

John Dear went to a movie with his dad this afternoon, so I got the house to myself for a couple of hours. It was heaven! I read an entire book! I put away some of Clean Laundry Mountain! Right now we just have Clean Laundry Foothills to deal with.

Roger (John Dear's best friend and all-around awesome fellow) is coming home soon! Yay! He's been over in Europe all summer, no doubt charming half the continent so much that they will unabashedly follow his peace plan when he becomes Secretary of State in the 2020s. Roger has yet to see us with a clean house, so I'm feeling very motivated to clean.

Tomorrow, JD and I are going to look at a couple homes for sale in the area. There's nothing concrete, no decisions made, but the traffic that I had to sit in this week is really pushing me to do more investigating on buying a "house-house." We're just going to look at what's out there.

Here's my thoughts on what I'd like in a house-house. 1 mile to the Metro. 1 mile to a synagogue. Convenient to my job.* Good school district. Bedrooms: 3-4; Bathrooms: 2-4. Parking (garage or otherwise).

Here's John Dear's thoughts on what he'd like in a house-house (based on prior conversations): his own game room with computer, video games, arcade consoles, TV and radio so he can play them all at the same time (gotta love the ADD qualities); a secret room that has a pool table in it; a bedroom that is only beds and no floor; pizza. Umm, methinks John Dear wants to be in an episode of Cribs.

*Yeah, it's not that I don't care about whether or not a house-house is convenient to JD's job, just that he doesn't have a job right now and he's worked in every location in the metro area in the past 10 years. We can't really plan our future based on where John Dear works. So, that factor and the price of gas and the agony of traffic here is dictating the nearness to Metro criterion.


FunkyFrum said...

when DH and I went housing shopping his only criteria was that there was a deck, and I had to keep reminding him that just because a house did not come with a deck, we could still build one. thus our apartment dwelling, IEESH!

Fertilized said...

Good Luck withhte house hunting - GRATS on the weight loss .. and 21 lbs ... ICK.. REALLY! that would sting a bit

whataboutmyeggs said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think I am almost off the emotional rant right now, Chunky Monkey and Half Baked were there for me when I told DH. Of course that was after I put the margarita mchine to use last night. Good luck on the house hunting. My hubby seems to think that all suburban homes come that equipped too. Hope you will find a happy medium.

Me said...

I have a Clean Laundry Mountain too!!! I feel so much better knowing that I'm not the only one!

I have a bit of wisdom to impart for home bying: every single home improvement project you will ever do will take twice as long and 50% more money than you anticipate. Keep that in mind when you find yourself thinking things like "Oh, that's just a little thing to fix".

For what it's worth, driving distance to work was a make-or-break criteria when we bought our most recent house.

Io said...

You guys should both be proud of your weight loss so far.
I think both of your ideas about houses sounds pretty good.

Jen said...

If I could stay within 21 pounds of my ideal weight for 6 weeks I'd be in heaven! A big congrats on both of your weight loss. I know it isn't easy.