Wednesday, June 9, 2010

People Who Hate Me: The Fat Haters

Welcome back to another edition of People Who Hate Me, now with more hate.  Who's hating me this week?  The incompetent sonographer (we'll call her "Dum Dum") and her azhat supervisory doc at the testing site for my week 20 scan.  Why?  Because I'm fat, have bones and require the Zofran pump for my hyperemesis.

As you know, I'm receiving Zofran through a subcutaneous pump.  Here's how it works (in non-technical language):

1) Infusion site: This is a plastic disc about the size of a quarter that sticks to my belly.  The disc has a spiked, fixed tube on it that goes into my skin (hence: subcutaneous).

2) Tube: The disc is connected to a thin, 2 ft. long tube that attaches to a syringe of meds on the pump.

3) Pump: The pump is about the size of a remote control and you wear it in a purse-like bag with an arm strap.  You put a syringe of meds in the top of the pump and the pump's computer pushes on the syringe plunger, thus pushing the meds through the tube and into me, stopping me from doing my never-ending Exorcist imitation.

So, I can't stop the meds and remove the site for you, Dum Dum.  You are not worth continuous vomit.  You'll have to work around it.  This totally threw her.

Also throwing her was that I was fat.  Now, I am aware that extra padding does make it a little more difficult to do a sonogram; it does not, however, make a scan impossible.  In addition, I don't think it was my fat, I think it was Dum Dum's lack of knowledge of anatomy.  See, no matter how much you shove on my hip bone with the transducer, the bone will not move out of the way.  It's bone, that's how that works.

After Dum Dum finished the scan, we were sent back to speak with her azhat supervisory doctor.  He told us, "Your baby is really big.  It's something we're worried about and you should be too.  You're going to have to have a c-section because you're so big and because the baby is so big.  In fact, we've included a note on our report that the scan was technically difficult due to your fatness."

Fine, asshole, but is the baby okay?  Are all the parts in the right place?  Are all the parts there that are supposed to be there?  Oh, yes.  The baby is perfectly healthy.  F-ck you, you prick.

Thank goodness I was seeing my doctor that afternoon anyways.  She's awesome and was like, "don't listen to that asshole, he doesn't know what he's talking about.  You're measuring a few days ahead, the baby is a little larger than average (baby is 14 oz.) and you're not automatically going to do anything.  You're only at week 20.  The baby is fine.  Your weight looks great and your blood pressure is fine.  We can all calm down."  I love my doctor.


Quiet Dreams said...

I love your doctor, too.

And I hate the dum-dum and Dr. Azhat.

SassyCupcakes said...

How horrible. This is why fat women and their babies have worse outcomes than skinny women and their babies, it is nothing to do with being fat and entirely about medical people who need to be slapped and then re-educated.

I am so very glad you have an awesome doctor so you know that the other two are full of shit. If you can be fucked I'd totally write an angry letter and complain about Dum Dum and her supervisor. It's scary what can happen because of idiots like that.

Congrats on 20 weeks and your wonderfully healthy little baby. *fingers crossed* you get off the pump soon so you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy free from tubes and as a perfectly healthy person.

ASTRA REED said...

CONGRATES!!! for your sweet little angle.. now you have to take the after pregnancy rest which is very essential to take.. and yea great job..

sonja said...

Ok WTH?! That sonographer and her supervisor need a good smack. Seriously?

I am glad your doctor is so awesome. And I'm extra glad you and the baby are doing so well! I can't believe you're already 20 weeks!

Bean said...

UGH - total asses! I'm so glad everything is going well (though of course wish you didn't need the pump) and that you have a great doctor who is NOT an ass. Congrats on hitting the half way point. So happy for you!!!!

Dre said...

Um, I am seriously fat and never has any doc/tech had a problem with an u/s. And trust me, I have had MANY u/s. With this last baby, I had them once a week for the last two months, and every other week starting at 14 weeks. And my fat is concentrated around my belly (folks still ask if I am preggo). Never, never, was there a problem. The problem was DumDum and Azhat. Screw them. I hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

OMG. WTF. i would have beat the shit out of them and then told the med boards. So if I was pregnant and had one leg (b/c i would like to be a pirate, would they be so idiotic? no, because we have reached a century where we are ok with diabilities, but not fat people.

Searching for Serenity said...

What a douchebag. Shitty bedside manner.

Thank goodness for reassuring docs who have tact.

You're half way there! So happy to read the babe is doing well.

~Hollie said...

Yeah, I'll agree with other commenters and your doc... Dum Dum and Azhat suck! Im a large and in charge Momma and had MANY ultrasounds and never had a problem. In fact, my baby measured large at EVERY U/S, they moved my due date up almost 2 weeks but because of IVF, I knew EXACTLY how many days my lil guy had been brewing. I had no probs and at 39 weeks, he was delivered at 7 lb 8 oz... does that seem LARGE to you? I think its very normal. Stupid people suck. Thank goodness for good drs with heads on their shoulders!

Nixy said...

sooooo good to know that you have a good doctor, but sorry to hear you had to deal with other such bumbling idiots. I mean, seriously, I measured a little ahead (20%) or so at my 20 weeks, and nobody said "boo". Apparently because those scans are NOTORIOUSLY unreliable when it comes to size.

Yea for a healthy baby!

AmandaMqn said...

ooo, I'd love to throat punch Dum Dum and Dr. Azhat! Wow, talk about pricks.

~Jess said...

What an a-hole Dum Dum and Dr. Azhat are! Wow! Who actually says stuff like that too someone?!

I'm glad the little one (and you!) are doing well :-)

PJ said...

Ugh, people are assholes. That's just ridiculous.

I have a terbutaline pump (was used to stop contractions at 29 weeks) that sounds like the exact same concept as your pump. I have the infusion site in my upper thigh. It doesn't hurt at all - just in case you were wondering and/or are interested in switching yours from your belly.

They have dug the transducer thingie in my belly and pubic bone a few times. It hurts!

Happy 20 weeks!!! Wow!

Jen said...

What jerks. I'm glad your doctor is competent.

Photogrl said...

What idiots!

I'm SO glad your doctor has a good head on their shoulders!

Yay for 20 weeks!

LJ said...

What a fuckwad. Dr. Azhat should read the book I am reading stating how bullshit all the fat-hate is anyhow. (puts on tinfoil hat) it's all a big conspiracy by companies who make money by trying to make people fit a shape that is freaking genetically impossible. (takes off hat). I am however, in love with your regular doc.

Anonymous said...

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but maybe you should try harder to loose weight. I was 200 lbs when I delivered at 5'2 and had a VERY difficult pregnancy. My husband is a physician and warned me about how my weight could complicate my pregnancy but I just shoved food down my mouth! I wish that I really listened to the expert's advice and did everyting I could to benefit my pregnancy. I think you take offense but sometimes people are looking out for your best interest and maybe you are being a tad sensitive. I understand you are having problems with your husband but you need to control your eating habits!! The truth is you are having a really hard pregnancy and don't want to complicate matters by not eating properly. Repeat to yourself, I am a lawyer not a doctor:) Hope this helps and you take my advice to heart:)

Anonymous said...

"Due to your fatness..." Are you fucking kidding me? That is absurd! Can you request to have them done at a different location? Who do they think they are? GAH!

Anonymous said...

Why are you soo fat and having a baby? I think you are the "dum dum." Obesity is a national health problem. If you don't handle your health you baby will be fat too.