Monday, August 30, 2010


Dizziness and nausea started last night and continued all through most of the day today.  Blech.  I'll mention it to my OB when I see her tomorrow, but she had told me that it was possible that the nausea might come back, so I'm not sure there's much to do beyond taking some Zofran if I need to.  (Also, her office called me today to let me know that the copy of my files was ready for pickup.  Yay!)

On the good side though, I was able to start cooking for the High Holidays.  Yay me!  I mixed together two batches of MyMahtha's Honey Walnut Coin Cookies and put them in the freezer.  I'll defrost the dough and bake off the cookies next week.


Melissa G said...

MyMahtha's? as in "In her Shoes"?

Sorry the yuckiness is back, hopefully the zofran will clear it up quick. I've always heard the sicker the Mama, the healthier the baby.

Can you smell the Zamboni warmin' up? It's almost time!

Trinity said...

Boo to the returned dizziness and nausea! :(

Thanks for the book suggestion, by the way. I will add it to my list of reads!

Good luck at today's appointment!

Bean said...

Bummer about the return of the nausea -- sorry to hear it. But year on the files and the cooking. ;)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Hope it clears again. I literally took zofran up until the day I delivered (and threw up until the day I delivered) which is to say, don't think twice about taking it if you need it.

Quiet Dreams said...

I am in awe of you. I don't want to start cooking for the big RH and I'm not nauseated. (Shana tova!)

~Jess said...

I hope the nausea doesn't come back in full swing!

Yummm...just reminded me of those cookies...I baked them last year after your suggestion.

Clare said...

Glad to hear all is on track girl - thanks for all your support, much much appreciated. Hope you feel better soon.