Friday, August 13, 2010

Shitteth Fanneth Meeth

Note Bene: everything is fine with the baby, and will be fine with me once I knock some heads.

I have tons and tons to post, but, as I think the title subtly hints, things are a bit crazed 'round these parts, specifically in the job sphere.  It involves the always pleasant People Who Hate Me and their sidekicks, People Who Are Freakin' Stupid and Need to Learn to Do Their Jobs.  See, if you don't tell me about something really important that needs to go in a document, I won't know it needs to go in said document and won't include it.  So, when you start yelling at me about the missing clauses, I can reference my 10 EMAILS TO YOU REQUESTING RELEVANT INFO.  Bums.


Melissa G said...

Scared me with that title lady! Glad to hear the little one's alright. Update soon, please!

Quiet Dreams said...

Augh, people. Some days, I tell you, I'd rather they all just vanish. Except for the ones I like.

(LOL, my word verification is "hates") :)

mybumpyjourney said...

EFFIN PEOPLE! I am sorry girl. I tell people I work with that I didn't take Mind Reading in college b/c it was a 800 level class...and I only had a BSN, not an MSN. LOL!
Most of the time I am telling this jokingly to the doctors I work with...but as with most jokes there is an element of truth to it. HA HA.
Like I also tell my co-workers "If is isn't documented it isn't done". In regards to charting etc. It doesn't matter if it is a no-brainer that you shocked a cardiac arrest- but if it wasn't documented, it wasn't done!
Same holds true for you! "If is isn't requested it won't be done"

In this society people are so quick to blame anyone around them before they will accept responsibility for their own mistakes.
Glad the baby is doing good, and overall healthwise you are too. (I am guessing?)

Kymberli said...

I think what I love most about this post is the label "I Might Kill You." I hope it's better!