Monday, August 13, 2007

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Hooray!! John Dear and I are going to go on vacation next week!! YAY!! What with my workload, JD's unemployment and his health issues, I was seriously in need of a getaway. Plus, this vacation coincides with our 2nd anniversary, so that's just great!

For 2 nights, we will be staying at a lovely little inn with gourmet restaurant courtesy of JD's lovely aunt and uncle (who gave me a gift certificate there for my birthday). The rest of the week, we will be staying it at my family's beach house. SIGH, I relax just thinking about it.

While at the beach, JD and I intend to get massages so that should also help with the de-stressing theme. Also, the house boasts a large garden/soaking tub, one that is big enough to hold me and lots of water and bubbles without all the water draining out. I will light enough candles to host a voodoo sacrifice, load an audio book onto my iPod and stay in the bubbles and hot water until I turn into one giant prune. Ahhh.

I'm leaving work right now so that I can pick up The Boy from doggie daycare and start making the meatloaf for tonight's dinner. After dinner and prepping food for tomorrow, I will start making my lists (shopping, packing, etc.) for VACATION!

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