Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Openin'

Well, we're back to square one. My BBT had been high, I was 2 days late, so I took a pregnancy test. Not pregnant, again. John Dear, being very supportive, suggested that because the test was designed for women to use "at least 5 days before your missed period!", that maybe the test was not detecting my pregnancy since I was already late.

Umm, no. After having brunch with the in-laws, we went to CVS and bought another test. When we got home and I was about to take it, I discovered that my period was really just fashionably late.

And so ensued a bout of hysterical weeping and squeaking and feeling sorry for myself, yadda, yadda, yadda. John Dear was quite alarmed, however, and had me call Fairy Godmother, but by the time I got to the beep on her machine, I had somewhat calmed down. Left a message anyways and will see her on Friday at my usual appointment.

We had both convinced ourselves that I was pregnant. This was not like back in July (see here), where I was all dizzy and nauseated and that's it. This time around, I had some morning sickness, a lot of dizziness, late after expected period, high BBT, going to the bathroom more often. All signs pointed to positive. We talked about how we would tell the news to our parents. I was planning to put together a timeline to clean the house based on my due date.

As we were driving to our vacation, I tried to find some positives in this negative outcome.

  1. More time to clean the house -- with no impending deadline and I can be more methodical about it.
  2. More time to decorate the house after cleaning it -- we've lived in our house for 2 years and really haven't done anything with the place.
  3. I've decided that I'm going to join Weight Watchers and go to the meetings. The time when I've had the most successful weight loss has been at Weight Watchers and going to the meetings. Doing this on my own is not working for me right now.
  4. In line with number three, I'm going to really start exercising. Taking the dog for a long walk every night is good, but is not getting my heart rate up, so I'd like to do some cardio other than walking The Boy.
  5. John Dear is scheduled for foot surgery in 2 months' time with at least 6 weeks of recovery following. By not being pregnant, I can devote my attention to helping JD and he won't feel guilty for not taking care of his pregnant wife.
  6. I am a complete freak and would like my children to be born in a month during the school year. If we don't get pregnant in the fall, we won't have a summer baby. Yes, I know. I am a complete freak.

So, after careful consideration at our 2nd wedding anniversary dinner this past night, here's what we've decided to do: (drum roll, please)

We are going to keep on keepin' on until December (when JD should be recovered from his surgery) and if we are not pregnant by then, we will start initial fertility clinic proceedings. (I've not blogged about the issues in that area, but suffice it to say, it's a little bit harder for us to get pregnant naturally than the average couple). If we do get pregnant, then it was meant to be and bully for us.

We now have a plan and since I am obsessed with plans and routines I am overjoyed. Well, that's overstating it a bit -- let's just say that I'm in my comfort zone.

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