Friday, July 13, 2007

Hello, and welcome to Freak Out Village

Is it right that a purple thermometer from the drugstore should have so much power over my life?

Today, my BBT* was down. One degree down. As in, contraindication of conception, down. Basically, if we believe the thermometer, I'm about to get my period one day late.

I've been spending the last couple hours trying not to freak out (yeah, that's do-able) as if I am pregnant despite the evil thermometer, stress is not good for me or the baby. Deep breath.

Indications that I am hopefully pregnant:

  1. Nausea 24-7.

  2. Head-spinning dizziness (You know those cartoons where someone gets punched in the head and they see stars or birds flying around their head? Welcome to my world. Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy.)
  3. Cravings for pie (could also be an indication of my watching the latest episode of Big Love, or me liking pie).
  4. Fatigue (as in leave-work-early-to-sleep-for-10-million-years fatigue)
  5. My skin is clear and my hair is growing like a champ.

  6. Did I mention the nausea and the dizzy?

Indications that I am not pregnant:

  1. The thermometer

Hopefully, my body knows that we need to land on the side of right and justice this time.

*BBT - Basal Body Temperature: your temperature upon waking; used to determine where you are in your fertility cycle.


Juggling Frogs said...

Hang in there, Jendeis!

Is it at all practical to buy a couple of the early warning tests? Get at least one for today and another for Monday. If you don't need Monday's, you'll either appreciate having a spare test on hand for next month, or will happily save it for 2009.

If nothing else, it'll put your mind at ease.

I'm sure you already know that ALL of the indications in your post (both for and the one against) could mean anything, and are affected by random factors, including anxiety.

IF you're pregnant and anxious, the baby will be fine. Your stress won't hurt the well-protected growing cells.

IF you're not pregnant, then I want to know what shampoo you've been using, cause I need to get me some...

Either way, have a slice of pie. The TTC roller-coaster can make anyone work up an appetite.

Good luck! (I'll keep you in mind with happy & bouncy thoughts.)

Jendeis said...

Thanks for the good thoughts. I'm definitely having pie.

Amy said...

I just found your blog through Menu Plan Monday. I remember all too well the hating-the-thermometer phase when I was trying to get pregnant. If not this time, I hope you get a positive test very soon!