Friday, July 6, 2007

The Futility of Being Mad at Rude People

I'm blogging about the following because:

  1. I am still mad.
  2. I am mad at myself for being mad, because it's such a tremendous waste of time and energy.
  3. John Dear and I have exhausted all conversation on this matter, and I just keep repeating myself.

Picture it -- The Suburbs, 2007:

John Dear has a loose friendship with Hogan (they used to be roommates). They don't speak or see each other frequently, but John Dear has few friends and it's nice and fun when they get together.

Hogan's girlfriend is The Cake Taker. This is her name because that is what she did. Brought a cake to a party and took it with her after being at the party for 15 whole minutes!! John Dear and I are not huge fans of The Cake Taker, but try to make a good effort for Hogan's sake. I will say that, recently, she had begun to grow on me. Maybe she's not a rude, bullying, cloying, looking-for-complete-life-fulfillment-through-marriage, cake-taker. Instead, she's probably just young and trying to find her way in this big ol' world of ours.

The last several times that we have set up an outing, Hogan and The Cake Taker have backed out at the last minute or last second. This is not a nice thing to do, but we all understand that these things happen.

Flash to the present: John Dear invites Hogan and The Cake Taker to celebrate the 4th with us at SIL's. Hogan accepts for the couple.* In the early morning hours of the 4th, The Cake Taker emails to say that she and Hogan can't come because she just found out that her favorite singer is going to be doing a concert (anymore and it's just too revealing of identity) and she just has to go.

Five minutes later, we get an email from Hogan explaining that he and The Cake Maker cannot attend because they just found out about the concert and had accepted our invite before finding out about the concert.

Um, anyone else think this is rude? They accepted an invitation and then ditched us when they got a better offer. They stink.

*I have considered the possibility that Hogan accepted the invite without consulting The Cake Taker on not just this, but all of their past no-shows. But why not just say that?

1 comment:

Juggling Frogs said...

Well. If that doesn't just take the cake.

{ducking and running...}

You're right though. The first invitation is sacrosanct. If they received a subsequent invitation to the White House, they should have called to apologize and ASK to cancel.

I guess you're lucky they're not in frequent contact with you. Maybe future get-togethers would be better spent as 'boys night out' and just let the Cake Taker eat cake...alone.