Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Takin' What They're Givin'...

I am tremendously bored at work, so I thought I'd take this time to update y'all on Happenings in My Neck Of the Woods (thank you, Mr. Roker).

Me: I'm fine, just bored. Tired, but looking forward to my cuppa tea at 4 PM.

JD: Out of work -- again. The nature of John Dear's chosen career path is that he doesn't have a whole lot of job security and is in and out of jobs every couple of months. So, he's out again. This time, we're hoping for a better work environment than what he had the last two jobs. Major boss problems at the most recent, and major commuting issues with the one before that. Hopefully, we can counteract some of that problem by having John Dear ACTUALLY CONSULT ME BEFORE TAKING THE JOB! Not that I've said "I told you so," but yeah, I so could've.

JD: Health. We've been going through issues with JD's health for the last 8 months or so. Namely, JD has major pains in his feet and ankles. JD has flat feet and needs orthotics in his shoes. For the 2 years we were dating and the first year we were married, JD had the same pair of orthotics. This is bad because orthotics wear out and lose their cushioning.

Here's the math: Say that the orthotics were bad for the first year and 3 months of marriage. Add to that finally going for new orthotics and having 2 pairs being made incorrectly. That's about 2 months. Then add 2.5 months of not doing a BLANKETY-BLANKING thing about the situation and walking around with no support to his feet and ankles whatsoever. After that comes numerous trips to the podiatrist, the orthopedist, the orthopedic specialist, the orthopedic specialist's orthotics guru, the hospital for a bone scan, the out-patient clinic for an MRI, today, the orthopedic specialist's brace fitter and soon, the orthopedic specialist's teacher. Oh, also JD has just started acupuncture. We don't know if that is helping yet. Added up, I'd say that JD has been experiencing foot, leg or back pain every day for the last 2 years (but drastically for the last 8 months).

MUST VENT: I am sooooo sick of JD and his feet and his legs and his back and his pain and his whining and the fact that I always have to walk the dog every day and JD gets out of doing anything because he's in so much pain and that's NO FAIR!!!!

Vent over. He really does make an effort, and I'm trying to be a good support to him.

Guess what? No one knows what's wrong with JD's feet (and now ankles, legs and back). It could be from the flat feet, but such extreme pain is uncommon. It could be plantar fascitis or tendinitis, but that would have shown up on the scans. It could be nerve damage (which JD sustained from bad asthma medication during childhood). It could be anything!

I'm sure our insurance company just loves us! Course now that JD is out of work again, we are going to switch over to my company's health insurance, as my job seems secure (despite my blogging) and I'm unlikely to leave any time soon.

It's be nice if we could get a diagnosis, but really I just want JD to be able to get through the day without pain. Where's Dr. House?

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