Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

After preparing a long(ish) post for Works For Me Wednesday (which you can find out about here), I realized that the carnival is closed this week. So, you'll get my wonderful, can't-be-missed advice on life, love and happiness next week.

Till then, I submit an apology for leaving you, dear readers, so long without a post. Work has been hectic with multiple tasks and multiple task lists required to organize such. I was so overwhelmed at one point, that I attached the following sign (edited for broadcast; parenthetical comments are for this post only) to my office door:

John Dear and I spent the weekend up in Philadelphia (well, Bucks County) visiting our wonderful friends, Iambe and Engel and their friends. Most importantly, Engel allowed me to read his copy of Harry Potter all-day Saturday while he was working.

Why Jendeis Is Awesome: She started reading Harry Potter at 10 AM on Saturday. She finished Harry Potter at 7 PM on Saturday. She still took a 1-hour nap on Saturday during the reading. All hail the awesomeness that is Jendeis.

Spending time away from home was nice and really needed. Most important to JD was that we were able to eat cheesesteaks and buy a half-dozen Popeye's biscuits while we were there. Iambe also introduced me to this wonderful fig jam from Wegman's (a high-end supermarket), which I have promised to ship up to her from my more-easily-accessible Wegman's.

On Monday afternoon, I left with a co-worker to go drive down to Richmond, VA for a site visit. We got a lot accomplished on both Monday and Tuesday, despite the fact that I had left my wallet in my office desk drawer. (It was fine and still there, when I checked on it late last night).

To sum up:

Cheesesteak was had,
JD's foot wasn't hurting really bad, and
Philly and Richmond are rad.

Gimme a break, I'm a lawyer, not a poet.

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