Thursday, July 5, 2007


"Aunt Jendeis, when are you and Uncle John Dear having your baby?" - from 4-year old nephew

(Sound of tires screeching in my head) What, what, whaaaat?!

Our close family (except for my father, who could not handle such info) knows figured out that we've started trying -- did I need to inform SIL that such information was not for the ears of her 4-year old son?! I could have sworn that fact would be understood by normal people. Oh wait, I forgot, this is SIL. I love her dearly, but HELLO, inappropriate!!

So, John Dear and I have recently gotten on the trying-to-conceive (TTC) roller coaster. So far, this ride involves me taking my basal body temperature (BBT) every morning, trying to eat right, drinking plenty of water, doing my new exercise routine (entitled "Actually Exercising") and constantly reassuring myself of my sanity. It appears that JD's part of the ride involves him playing lots of video games, whining about the pain in his orthopedic-surgeon-doesn't-know-why-you-have-pain legs, and reassuring me of my sanity while exhibiting an expression that can only be described as "my wife is utterly insane."

Recently, I've been exhausted, just feeling completely drained, and have started taking looong naps whenever possible. Have you ever tried document review while your eyes are at half-mast? It's an experience. I'm also getting feelings of dizziness when I get out of bed, stand up from sitting or straighten after bending over.

I'm trying not to say, let alone think (ha) that these might be symptoms of pregnancy for fear of ... I don't know. Tempting fate? Have told JD that I will not take a pregnancy test until I'm officially late. I am not officially late. I'm early -- way early.

Told nephew that Aunt Jendeis and Uncle John Dear would have a baby when G-d wanted us to. He seemed satisfied with that answer. I think I am too.

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