Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Picture of My House

Yeah, right. Nice try. You ain't seeing this till it looks like people live there, not a wild pack of Alsatians.

(Plus, I forgot to take a before picture and when cleaning, JD tends to go with the whole "it gets worse before it gets better" routine, even in "just 15 minutes" sessions. I will try to take a picture tonight, however, so that you can see that progress is being made on our 2nd bedroom/computer room/JD's cave.)


Jen said...

I cleaned my house last night and it is already dirty again.

Fertilize Me said...

my house look's like a wild pack of Alsatians live there - i haven cleaned good in ages

LJ said...

My place looks disgusting. Not just dirty anymore. I feel you.

Io said...

I assume you mean Alsatian dogs, but b/c my best friend used to live in Alsace, France my first thought was crazy French people ripping apart your house.
I must say, I am of the worse before better school - problem is, I sometimes quit before we get to the better part.