Wednesday, January 9, 2008

TiVo Help Needed

To all those who have TiVo, I need some technical support.

I have digital cable through a box. Channels 1-100 are basic, and 100-up are special basic and premium. We get basic, special basic and HBO.

When I hooked up my TiVo, all the channels changed. NBC (channel 4 here) was now at 34; Fox (on 5) was at 35. Basically, NBC, Fox, CBS and ABC switched their places with home shopping channels. Everything else stayed the same.


I can't get TiVo to go to any channel higher than 100. I miss my HBO, I miss my movie channels, I miss my Discovery Home channel! Waa!

When I turn TiVo off and switch tuners, the cable box allows me to access all these channels at their (previously) regular numbers. Any ideas?
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Mallori said...

You have to go through the setup on your TiVo and let it know which cable company you have, etc. When you set it up, it should ask you a bunch of questions.

The video out on the cable box should also be going into the TiVo

Phyllis Sommer said...

i think there's also a way to manually set what channels you get through the tivo. good luck. i love my tivo.

Jen said...

My husband is answering this:

Do the channels on the TV work as described? Is NBC work as it says on the guide? Tivo is just a pass through, it shouldn't be able to affect your channels like this. It sounds like the Tivo hasn't been set up to match your cable box. There should be an option when you intially set up your Tivo to set it for your specific cable box and zip code (I believe, I haven't had a Tivo in a while). I can't think of a reason why the Tivo box would actually change the channel listing, unless it's set to a different zip code or cable box. I would try to reset your Tivo settings and set it up again like it's the first time, and make sure that you get the serial number and make of your cable box correct and that it's set for your specific cable company.

That would be my best guess, now back to your regularly scheduled whatever it is you folk do.

This is Jen again. Matt is always happy to talk about electronics, so feel free to send me follow up emails and I can ask him more questions for you. (I was transcribing the above as he was talking and apparently not doing well enough. He demanded to type it himself.)

Jacki said...

I cannot help you with this, as I have a DVR. But thank you for stopping by my blog for WFMW. I have not tried freezing soups, and I especially like the suggestion about stacking them like books...