Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What is 247 & 136?

Answer: The number of Bloglines posts and new emails that Jendeis had to read when she got back from her business trip.

I'm back at work after a trip with my sister to set her up for one of her doctoral internships, and then driving around all day yesterday to go look at some of my company's properties. (They are looking good).

Things I Learned in the Great State of South Carolina
1. Jesus saves.
(How much was not mentioned. It must be at an impressive rate, because I saw this message several times).
2. The restaurant, Sonic, actually exists and does not merely exist in TV commercials.

Why Someone in South Carolina Should Mow the Lawn
I saw a sign that read:

Diet for
Your Sins!!

I thought this was horribly mean-spirited. Couldn't they just tell Jesus one-on-one that he should lose some weight rather than putting it out there on a highway sign? Or maybe they should mind their own business. Screw them, Jesus! Just be healthy!

Also, I've never heard of dieting as a tool for repentance, though admittedly, I am not up-to-date on the more modern methods of atonement.

I then realized that there were overgrown weeds covering up the last "d" in "died".


Jen said...

I love Sonic! They will put vanilla in your Dr. Pepper! And cheese on your tator tots!

Marie said...

lol that is too funny about dieting Jesus. Sonic is da bomb where have you been???

bigPHATbitch said...

LOL. So funny.

Tricia said...

LMAO!!!! Too funny

La La said...

ROFL! I was thinking the same thing ("that's a strange form of repentance""). Tee hee.

JamieD said...

You should come to Oklahoma - you can't swing a dead cat and not hit a Sonic!

(For the record, I do not endorse swinging dead cats. Just a saying! Also, probably only in Oklahoma.)

Jill said...

HAHA! HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's way too funny for a monday.