Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Good and the Not-so-Good

"We got good news and bad news. What do ya want first?"
"The bad news!"
"The only thing we got to eat is sh*t."
"What's the good news?"
"There's plenty of it."
--from a movie I can't remember, but I think is a Western with Kiefer Sutherland

Things That Are Not-so-Good
1. My meds stopped working and I'm in the middle of a depression, my anxiety level has skyrocketed and I feel like I'm about to blow apart into a million pieces.
2. The financial markets stopped working and the economy is in the middle of a depression, everyone's anxiety level has skyrocketed and we feel like the whole world is about to blow apart into a million pieces.
3. John Dear is not feeling well. Still. Now running for 2 years straight.
4. More people on my blogroll do have kids or pregnancy than do not and I feel left out.

Things That Are Good
1. I did not have a bagel on Friday. I am going to rock that weight loss and we will be able to do IVF and have a baby.
2. I'm spending time with BFF today.
3. I'm cooking for Rosh Hashanah all this weekend and I'm grateful to have this time to cook for my family and spend time with them and with G-D.
4. JD and I are going to a drive-in movie tonight!
5. My friends and family make me feel loved, wanted and needed.
6. The Boy is the best boy ever. Trust me, he is.


Antigone said...

I think the good sounds pretty damn good.

A drive-in?!? Why am I suddenly thinking of a Brady episode?

Shelby said...

I've been there with the depression all too recently. Sending lots of hugs! Enjoy cooking for your fam!

And your boy is just SO cute!!

annacyclopedia said...

Ok, first - the Boy is ADORABLE! I just want to cuddle him all day long and play with his curly fur.

The good does sound very good. The bad sounds pretty craptacular - especially #1. I hope that can get sorted out pronto and you find some relief from your depression and anxiety. But I'm adding something onto your list - we are all here for you, anytime you need us. And I'm keeping you in my heart and praying for peace and healing for you.

Tricia said...

I'm sorry you are so down. Enjoy your holiday! And keep looking for the good.

Lee said...

sorry you're having a rough time. Sending up a prayer for you right now. Be sure to let me know what you think of that Aztec Chicken recipe from WFMW.

Trace said...

I get upset too and I definitely feel left out.

The boy is SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!

LJ said...

didja neck at the movies??

Meghan said...

Sorry #1 hasn't been fixed yet. Were you able to get a non-generic med from your dr?

And the drive in--where is the drive in around here, that sounds so fun!

Anonymous said...

The good thing is that the good list is longer than the not so good list ;)

AND as much as you feel left out now - you will soon be part of that club...


~Hollie said...

Keep dodging those bagels GIRL! Keep the blessings list longer than the "not so good" stuff. It will keep you hopeful!
I pray for your peace!