Sunday, August 30, 2009

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I've been on vacation and so have taken a break from blogging. Now, after reading the 1000+ posts sitting in my reader (man, have you been busy!), I'm ready to rejoin the world.

The Highlights
-To start our vacation, JD and I went to a joint session with our therapists, this session will forever more be known as the "Sha Na Na Session" (aka the "Get a Job Session").* JD felt ganged up on, but I have no sympathy left and my impression of our therapists was that they have very little as well.

-JD and I had a very nice vacation at the beach. We only went to the beach one day, because both of us got burns. (I got burned where I missed sunblock coverage; JD got burned because he wouldn't get fully under the umbrella). We covered ourselves in aloe vera gel the rest of the week.

-I had the best massage of my life!! My back's been hurting me for the last month or so (a result of gaining so much weight in so little time), and after 5 minutes of massage, I didn't have any pain. If you ever travel around Bethany Beach, Delaware, please contact me for the greatest masseurs in the world.

-JD and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary in style by having breakfast at Bob Evans, cause we're classy like that. We did some book shopping and went out to dinner at a local country club. We picked the place because it reminded us of eating at Roy Yamaguchi's restaurant in Ko Olina on Oahu, but it was not the same thing. We'll go for different next year.

-After a week at the beach, I traveled with BFF to Las Vegas. She was going for work and we had a great time hanging out and observing court. It was nice to get real one-on-one time with her, learn more about her job and see some strong arguments of unconstitutional doings in the courts. I gambled a total of $1. I lost it all. I know, I'm such a risk taker.

The Lowlights
-I wound up gaining some weight back, putting me way over where I need to be for the IUIs. Given the scheduling of my vacation, done when I thought my cycle would be regular, it's almost like I set myself up for failure. Since I got back from Vegas (Wednesday), I've cut out carbs, seriously trimmed my portions and been exercising every day. Hopefully, I'll be close enough to the limit when I go in (likely this week) that they'll still let us go forward.

-This intense pressure to lose weight so that we don't lose another month/opportunity has not been great for my mental status.

-JD's depression is in overdrive. My MIL confided in me yesterday that while I was in Vegas, he was the worst that he's been in a long time and that she was worried that he would need to be hospitalized. Maybe that's not a bad idea. There has been talk of having JD switch meds. I just hope that the doctors come up with something that works and soon.

*Did you know that Sha Na Na performed at Woodstock? Me neither.


Lorza said...

Girl- I had just put "email Jendeis" on my computer side post it. :) I was wondering what in the world you were doing!! I am glad you had the time off- and glad you have regrouped. I hope that JD gets the help he needs soon.

Lots of love girl. :)

battynurse said...

That sucks about the weight/bmi limit for IUI's. I understand sort of why but it still sucks. Especially since everyone is different and some women who have extra weight will still have no problems. Hopefully your clinic still lets you cycle. Hope other med things etc get worked out too.

meinsideout said...

I am glad you were able to get away. I hope that you are able to cycle this time - good luck with the weight loss.

I hope you hubby gets what he needs to feel better.

sonja said...

I was wondering why you hadn't posted in a while! Vacation sounds like it was great. I have only had a few massages in my life, but they were amazing!!

I hope your weight is down to the IUI limit by the time you get in. Don't be too hard on yourself ... that is a big challenge, but you will get there!

I am sorry to hear your husband struggled so much with his depression while you were away. I hope they are able to get him on the right meds.

becomingwhole said...

You totally made me miss massages. Where I used to live (with TR), I used to go to this massage school ALL THE TIME because it was so cheap (especially if you bought packages of several massages at once). No massages in months.

I think that with all of JD's stuff, you must live with such a high baseline level of stress all the time, and it must feel normal to you (it would start to feel that way to anyone). I hope that you can get some of the pressure off soon. The whole weight thing with ART pisses me off, I can't even talk about it. Having to lose weight under pressure like that would hit me in all the crazy places in my brain (and there are quite a few, trust me).

~Jess said...

That's so crappy that you have the added stress of the weight-limit with your about adding one stress ontop of another *hugs*

It sounds like you guys got some much needed R&R: There's nothing in the world like a good massage.

Happy Anniversary!

Liddy said...

Sucks about the weight.

Highlight meeting you!

I too was greeted by too many unread blog posts and the real need to blog (promise I will later tonight).

Hope all is well.