Monday, December 17, 2007

The Hall of Whining

What follows is a list of things I currently want to whine about. Take it with a grain (or an entire shaker) of salt.

  • My throat hurts.
  • Someone is burning a gingerbread candle that used to smell good, but now makes the whole office smell like old and used-up car deodorizer.
  • Everyone on the IF blogs is pregnant or has children. Oh, except for me, that is. How does that work exactly? (It's not that I don't enjoy and love reading these women's (and some men's) blogs, and I am truly overjoyed that those announcing pregnancies are getting their wishes, but jeez).
  • John Dear is a bum*. He says that he loves me, but really he just wants a nurse/mother/servant. Those last statements were really not contradicted by him in counselling yesterday. This confirms his bum-osity.
  • JD had a "fall" in physical therapy today and so, did not go into work. Because he is an irresponsible bum, he does not have contact information for any co-workers and so could not tell anyone that he would not be showing up at work today. As I expressed in counselling yesterday, I am worried that he will be fired. Yet AGAIN.
  • Did OPK, which turned up negative. Basically expected. But really, what's the point? It's not like JD is likely to "complete the transaction" anyways.
  • I have too many things to do!!!
  • TiVo won't let me watch any of the premium channels we pay for. I need to call them up and fix this, but don't have time. (Oh, if you've gotten this far and know anything about TiVo and have hints, please let me know.)
  • Whaa, waaa, waa. Nyah. Bleaaa.

*By "bum" I do not mean the common definition of a homeless idler, but instead refer to the biggest insult among my brother, sister and I when we were little. As in, "Jendeis is reading MY magazine! She's a bum!"


Jen said...

Whining always makes me feel better. Plus, I don't have children yet and I am not pregnant. Does that help?

Anonymous said...

I did indeed read to the end of your post but alas, I know nothing about Tivo! That's really annoying that it won't let you record channels you pay for, and that gingerbread candle needs to mysteriously dissapear. Want me to send a scented candle hit man over? I mean, for scented candles, not a hit man who is scented.

Ari (Baking and Books)

hoping for a child said...

all i do is whine. i haven't had any alcohol since i started ttc i don't know how long ago. do you know how bad that suks?