Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Seasonal Migration of Babies

Did you know that babies migrate with the seasons? Yes, much like Canadian geese and Monarch butterflies, babies pop up wherever I am with increasing frequency and to my utter confusion and frustration.

To wit, the DMV. The freakin' DMV? Are these infants getting driver's licenses or something? I mean, here I am, just trying to renew my husband's registration stickers because he is irresponsible and can't/won't do it himself (love that man o' mine), the one place that I figure will be baby-free and it's completely overtaken by babies! AAAHHH!

I've also figured out another reason why I should never go to the mall during the holiday season. Baby Stampede! Babies here, babies there, babies flippin' everywhere! Do you really need to bring your baby with you to Restoration Hardware? Is their opinion that important at Sephora? Why, in holy hell are people who take their babies into Victoria's Secret able to reproduce and not I?

This rant encouraged and brought to you by John Dear who reminded me to post it last night (so you can blame him).


Jen said...

I notice that same seasonal migration.

LJ said...

Absolutely 100% true.

hoping for a child said...

i've sworn off the mall for the season for this exact reason. i was near tears the other day when i got into the elevator with two strollers with women my age. why can't i have that?

dmarie said...

Yeah, I seem to notice it too. Had a breakdown in Walmart the other day. Ughhhh.