Monday, December 3, 2007

A Single Step

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, I think we are at mile marker 10, maybe 8, not sure. The important thing is that it be an even number. That's because I'm crazy and think that even numbers are good luck. How did I know that I'd do well on the bar? Because my seat number was even. Course, I can't remember it now, but I think there was a six and an eight, maybe two sixes and two eights? Anyways, it was even. (I do know that it was NOT Apple Orchard Banana Cat Dance 8663. If you don't know where that was from, please find out!)

All right crazy lady, let's get back to the story... The step that I took was in contacting a fertility clinic and asking for an appointment. The patient coordinator called today and we set up a consultation for January 4. AHA!! Also, an even number! Totally without thinking! I am awesome. Or crazy. Am I awesomely crazy or crazily awesome? Am I, in fact, both?

SO, we've got us an appointment at Generic Fertility Clinic (GFC). Jendeis, how did you pick GFC amongst the other FC's in your area? Well, my friends, picking an FC is complicated, involving algorithms, multiple analyses and so forth. That's why I basically picked GFC from almost-randomness. The choice was saved from utter randomosity by being the clinic who employs the husband of a woman who's a friend of a woman that I know "from February of last year..." Plus, I found out that a bunch of the DC Metro Stirrup Queens go there, so I was all for it. Now, after speaking to their wonderfully nice patient coordinator, I'm glad that I chose GFC.

Let's hope that GFC will help John Dear and I make 2008 the Année du Bébé (another even number, awesome!)

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Jen said...

I like even numbers too. My birthday is on the 2nd and my anniversary on the 10th. I also like patterns, like my husband's birthday 3-23 of my brother-in-law's birthday 6-7-88. (Too bad he wasn't born in 89, that would have been perfect.)