Monday, April 21, 2008


Summary: Spring marks the start of Jendeis' annual depression. Woo.

Stream of consciousness --

Been feeling guilty about not updating in a while, but the spirit has not moved me. The first two nights of Passover were nice - first night spent with my family and last night spent with John Dear's family. Now I'm over Passover. I just want to stuff my face till I'm numb. Today is CD 1. It's been raining on and off for the past two days.

John Dear was able to bring in a sample from home on Wednesday, so we should have the SA results tomorrow. Should've been Friday or today, but Nurse is out of the office.

Had to explain to some co-workers why having a bulletin board in the lunchroom with pics of all the babies in the company might not be the greatest idea. After some explaining, they totally got it, and it will be converted to families (however they be defined) - and how we're all one big family.

My shrink is retiring (not my therapist, just my shrink), so I have to find a new one to prescribe for me. Made myself call one this morning. My therapist (aka Fairy Godmother) made me promise to call this one and at an appointment tell her everything. Because I wasn't real open with the shrink who's retiring, just told her the minimum. I don't see why I have to tell her anything, since I tell Fairy Godmother everything.


Shining light is that the CAPS are still in it. If they win tonight in Philly, they force a Game 7 (winner takes all) back here in DC.

Still, blah.


Jen said...

I'm sorry you are blah. I will keep my fingers crossed for a good result on the SA.

Io said...

I'm sorry you're feeling Blah. (This post makes me want to walk around saying people. Hehe.)
I'm glad JD was able to produce a sample though!

Antigone said...

Good for you confronting your colleagues. I don't know that I could have that conversation. I think I'd just stew and feel sorry for myself.