Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to Save the World

Happy Earth Day everyone! Here's what I've done today to save the world one day at a time:

  • Ran my dishwasher late last night on light wash and no air dry
  • Ran my washer late last night on the cold setting; cleaned the lint trap in my dryer and ran it late last night for 40 minutes (the exact amount of time it takes to get a full load dry)
  • Packed a change of clothes for tonight in an overnight bag, not a plastic bag
  • Picked up The Boy's poo in a biodegradable bag and threw it in the trashcan
  • Drove my hybrid Escape to work
  • Listened to an audio book borrowed from the library rather than buying a new one
  • Drank my coffee out of a mug instead of a Styrofoam cup
  • Reused my plastic cup for water instead of taking a new one

Tonight, I'll be using public transportation to attend the hockey game and will use my Smart Card instead of using a paper fare card to board the train.

How have you saved the world today? Remember how much little changes in your life can make a huge difference!


Jen said...

You are doing very well! I haven't done much today yet, but I do the reusable grocery bags, napkins, and such like that.

Antigone said...

I telecommuted today so saved 92 miles of gas. Woohoo!

Ahuva Batya said...

Good for you!! Sorry I'm late responding, but it's commendable that you are doing so many good things. Let's see... I telecommute some days to save driving distance. And I ask for plastic at the grocery store, because then I re-use them as poop bags for the dogs, instead of buying new poop bags from the store. I only run water the very minimum I need to and I never leave it running for any reason.