Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pretty Good News

John Dear's SA results are back. Count is good, morphology is good, but motility is low. How low? Well, TPTB aren't telling us. All they will tell us is that the number may not even be accurate because the sample was smaller than they normally like to work with. We're supposed to follow up with Uro2 before going on to a follow up with LovelyRE.

Nurse says that if we have to have anything low, that motility is the way to go, because then you just go with IUI and that's the end of the issue. We knew that we were heading in that direction anyways, just cause of the delivery problems, so no big shocker there.

Nurse says that she and LovelyRE will be coming up with possible solutions for how to get John Dear's donations ready for an IUI, perhaps having him do donations that they will freeze and use at the proper time.

It looks like our train is finally getting ready to leave the station and other appropriate metaphors here. Off to a quarterly statement meeting. Woo.


Leah said...

This IS good news, I'm so happy for you. While there are so many more steps along the way, at least your train is getting ready to "leave the station". I'll have everything crossed for you.

Jen said...

Well, if you have to have a problem, I'm glad you got the good problem. Hooray for next steps!

Antigone said...

You couldn't hear me but I just made a choo-choo sound. :-)

JJ said...

Great news--so glad for you and John Dear. Im going to steal some of this good luck for Mook--we should have his results on Monday.
Choo-choo. Glad the train is leaving the station!

Abby said...

Choo Choo... Looks like things are going to start moving with you. I think the freezing is a good idea, that way you know you have and dont have to worry. We are going to freeze a sample before our IVF. Take care!

Ahuva Batya said...

This is really good news! My husband also had low motility, but we found a way around it. Good luck with the next steps!