Thursday, May 29, 2008

Clicker of Steel

The Iron Commenting thing is going strong. Since we have our appointment with LovelyRE at 11:30 today, John Dear and I are taking the morning off from work. I'm hoping to get lots of commenting done today!

Our appointment today is, I guess, a follow-up since we have completed all the preliminary blood tests, Day 3 u/s, HSG and SA. Hopefully, LovelyRE will have a game plan for us. I'm on Day 4, so I want to get started right away! Do you think we could get an IUI in this cycle?

Many thanks to Jen of Here We Go Again for letting me know that I got the Comment Record idea from Sassy at Cupcakes and Conundrums.

Where I've Commented Today:
1. Gabrielle at Daily Tomorrow
2. Naomi at Surviving Single Motherhood
3. Sara at Gas Passer
4. M at My Sanctuary
5. Allison at Our Own Creation (please click at Allison's blogs for A New Day)

Comment I Returned Today:
1. Gabrielle at Fertility Notes


Kymberli said...

I definitely think you can get an IUI in on this cycle! I hope you'll update today.

I've been doing pretty good this week. I think I'll be able to make the Iron Commentor goal!

Fertilized said...

You go girl!

Tanya said...

Wow... I'm finding it time consuming to read my "regular" blogs plus 5 new ones to leave comments on.

I hope you do get your IUI in this month. I think waiting was the worst part of the whole process.

I love the library idea. I might have to look into adding that to my blog.

LutherLiz said...

I hope an IUI is possible this cycle! Good luck!

Aunt Becky said...

Here's hoping for an awesome IUI!

Here from NCLM to say HOORAY for Iron Commenters. I'm pretty OCD about commenting in general, so I know what a hassle it can be.

Karen said...

I hope you get the IUI in.

I thought the Iron Commenter level was to comment on everyone on the list of NaComLeavMo participants every day? Or was that some other level? I guess I'm going to have to re-read the rules. Crap. I thought the BASIC rule was 5 comments a day plus one comment back to someone. I can't keep this straight. MUST SLEEP MORE OFTEN or not participate in this stuff!

Almamay said...

Hope your appointment goes well today and you are able to do an IUI this month. Well done on your comments.

Deb said...

I wish I had thought of some commenting record cause oh crap - i have no idea how much commenting i have done but my husband asked me who i was when i crawled into bed last night. Guessing that means a lot anyway.

Hope your appt goes well and keeping fingers crosses for an IUI this cycle.

Anonymous said...

Hope that your appointment went well and that you'll be able to get your IUI in.

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.

Karen said...

oh wait, I re-read the rules and I get it now. Nevermind me, I'm just out of it.

The Dunn Family said...

Thanks for your comment! I really hope you can get an IUI in this cycle! Good luck!

Io said...

Yay for a game plan! I hope you can get an IUI in!

Jen said...

Ah, look, I am famous. I read your blog and then clicked over to her blog like 15 minutes later. It looked familiar.

Antigone said...

Well? What happened?