Monday, October 20, 2008


--Just feeling meh. Who knows why.

--The Saturday before last, John Dear, BFF, my mom and I went out raspberry picking and got pumpkins too! We met up with my sister, her friend, and her friend's parents at Chicken Out. A lot of fun, but JD was not well-behaved most of the trip. Lots of whining and a tantrum near the end. Not fun.

--Wanted to freeze the raspberries so we could use them over the winter, but I didn't get to them and JD didn't do anything with them but leave them on the counter. He went to move them this past Thursday and they had melted and spilled all over the counter and floor. He did not clean this up.

--Our jack o'lanterns looked great, but I wasn't able to get a pic of them before they rotted. Oh well. Mine said, "Go Caps".

--Am learning how to knit. Doing pretty good now that I'm working with a beginner's yarn as opposed to the fancy threaded yarn I was trying to start with. Have learned the knit stitch, and will soon move on to start purling.

--My fertility clinic opened up an integrative medicine center. They have acupuncture, yoga, massage and a nutritionist. I went to see the nutritionist last week. It went really well and I promise a post on the specifics this week.

--After a session with his therapist, JD said that he needed visual cues to tell him what to do, i.e., a chore chart. This coincided with my expressing my feelings that I don't give a good G-D D-N that he can't* fold or put things away, if he's home all day, he's responsible for all laundry tasks when he does laundry.

--I made charts and diagrams over the last two days detailing my plan to conquer Europe where Jimmy Hoffa is buried where I put away different kinds of clothes and assigning different chores to JD and myself.

--JD saw his orthopedic surgeon on Friday. The doc doesn't know why JD would be in so much pain and has now prescribed a narcotic to be used every other day to try and break the pain cycle. My diagnosis: JD is in pain because he hasn't exercised in 2 months and all of the good he did this summer is gone. His knees and back hurt because he walks crookedly to accommodate his hurting ankles. Didn't even go to medical school - I'm awesome.

--On Saturday, JD and I attended a RESOLVE panel discussion on Donor Issues. I really wish that the person hosting the event had specified that ONLY egg donation would be covered, as we could have skipped the whole thing. When we saw the sign in back of the panelists read, "Egg Donation, Questions & Answers," JD went to talk to the host soon after we had sat down to make sure that she asked the panelists questions on sperm donation. So, she did, but they clearly weren't familiar with the intricacies of sperm donation and weren't prepared to answer any questions about it. I was a little annoyed. Did learn some good stuff though, I'll share when I fish my notes out of my car.

--JD and I talked more extensively about sperm donation and finding out if that is the right path.

--On Sunday, we went to JD's nephew's 6th birthday party. It was at a mini-golf course. I beat the pants off JD!!!! I won! I won! I won! Two holes-in-one, baby!! My cheer involved the following quote from Friends, "I win! You lose! Holland loves Chandler! Good night!" I'm a tad competitive. (hee).

--After the party, we went back to SIL's house, where MIL was going through some old family photos of JD as a little kid. It was amazing to me how much his nephews look like him as a kid. It made me sad to think that I've sort of been pushing sperm donation and the fact that if we go that route, our children won't have that link. Sure, we'll look for a donor who looks like JD, but we probably won't be able to say, "Oh look, Baby has Nephew 1's face."

If you got this far, CONGRATULATIONS!! You win a gold star!!

*Yeah, he actually thinks that he can't fold or put away clothes. Like he's genetically impaired. I think it's just that his mother is a perfectionist. Also, he's lazy.


Meghan said...

Sorry you're meh...

Mr H seems to think that he can not fold laundry either. Right now we're taking baby steps and I'm just asking him to make sure things aren't inside out. But even that is hard

oh...and way to go on the mini golf championship ;) I too am competitive ;)

Jill said...

Wow.... that's a lot of stuff going on. Luckily, the Hubs does all of our laundry and folds it. Apparently I'm supposed to put it away.... so basically it stays in baskets until I need them :)

You've been tagged!

Antigone said...

I'm laundry impaired myself. It's a terrible disability to have. I wish you wouldn't mock it. :-(

Me said...

I vote lazy too. My husband said for YEARS he couldn't do a whole bunch of stuff ... each of which I am learning is a lie as he attempts to prove he wants to save our marriage. They just need the proper stimulus to make them want to try. I recommend the cattle prod! ;)

kirke said...

My husband's favorite line is, "I just don't see it." Seriously?! You don't see all that laundry you put on the chair....that's flowing onto the floor.

Let me know how things go. I may need to implement a chore chart :)

annacyclopedia said...

Let me know how your chore chart goes, too. Manny does lots of stuff around the house, but he does it when he feels like it, and not necessarily in any kind of routine, so things pile up. I have tried to FlyLady brainwash him, but so far, no dice. I've fallen off the wagon myself, though, so I suppose it's time to get back into it. I did find that having a control journal with our respective chores listed in it worked for a while.

Good luck!

Fertilized said...

my husband doesn't see the point in folding laundry ..I mean we "are just going to unfold it to wear again" ... sigh

Sounds like have a full plate

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're feeling "meh"...

I can so picture you doing the friends I win you lose dance ;)

Can I get my gold star now please...

barrenisthenewblack said...

Sorry you are so frustrated.

I washing love and folding laundry-it may be my favorite chore, but I hate the putting away part. Maybe we could start some sort of laundry exchange. I'll go to your house and wash it all if someone comes over and puts away/organizes my clothes.

Jen said...

I love raspberries!

Matt doesn't do laundry either. His version of laundry (or really any cleaning) doesn't meet my standards.

Chelle said...

mmm, yummy raspberries! Sorry you are feeling meh.

Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

My husband has two empty closets because he NEVER puts clothes in them. They are everywhere else in the house, though.

I think it is cool that your clinic has opened up a wellness kind of center. I wish my clinic would do that.

Trace said...

I dread the day that some well meaning person tell us our baby has my husband eyes (hands, dimples, hair, etc.) It's tough to come to terms with.