Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nothing to See Here

I haven't been posting because there's nothing really new going on. Everything's just blah.

Tonight marks the beginning of Yom Kippur (y-oh-mm keyPUR), the Jewish day of atonement. It is one of the holiest days of the Jewish year. On Yom Kippur, Jews traditionally fast and pray to atone for the sins of the past year and recommit to the new year.

The service tonight is called Kol Nidre (cole ny-DRAY) after the first prayer in the service. I've always loved to hear Kol Nidre because it is such a beautiful and plaintive melody. The prayer is repeated three times and the cantor (essentially, the prayer leader) sings it softly the first time and gets louder each time he chants the prayer. The room is so quiet, I always feel like this prayer is the closest we get to speaking with G-D.

When we greet each other, we say "g'mar chatimah tovah," may you be sealed for a good year in the Book of Life. We also wish each other an easy fast.

So, may you have an easy fast and g'mar chatimah tovah to you all.


~Jess said...

One of the coolest things I've experienced through all my blog contacts is different religions, specifically Judaism. I'm a Christian, that's how I was raised. While I understand the very basic beliefs of Judaism, the rest of it is a mystery to me.

Thank you for posting about it and your experiences. I love reading about the different services and prayers etc. Quite frankly, the Jewish holidays are just dates on a calendar to me, but I always wanted to know what their meanings where. I mean all of this in the most humble and respectful way.

Jen said...

Happy Yom Kippur!

Me said...

g'mar chatimah tovah

Antigone said...

g'mar chatimah tovah

theclam said...

g'mar chatimah tovah to you too :)