Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jumpstart Eating Plan

As I posted previously, I've been meeting with a nutritionist connected with my fertility clinic in order to lose weight quickly but healthfully.

I've been successful using her methods, but we're trying to jumpstart my weight loss and get ahead of impending holiday parties and a cruise vacation at the end of the month. (In case you have not been on a cruise, cruises are just one gigantic, 24 hour-a-day operating buffet).

So, I was concerned about maintaining my weight loss, let alone continuing it throughout the month of December. Here's what the nutritionist has me on now.


I thought I'd die, but it's actually been a lot easier than I thought it would be. My typical day is:

--Smoothie made with whey protein powder, rice milk, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup of other fruit, some ice cubes

Snack (optional)
--Apple w/ handful of no-salt added whole almonds

--Same as Breakfast

Snack (optional, but this is where I invariably need snack)
--Luna bar

--Protein + veggies

The second smoothie can be had for dinner and regular food for lunch, but I usually wind up having regular food for dinner.

Drinks on the plan = water or herbal tea. This killed me, because I am a cup o' joe a day girl. Plus milk and sugar. The first day, I didn't even realized why I had the migraine and nausea from hell. So, I've been drinking 1 cup of black coffee (yuck) every day since then.

I've been doing the plan for a week now. Hopefully, I can keep it up until we go on the cruise. We slept through Weight Watchers on Sunday, so I have not been able to weigh myself. Yet my clothes are looking and feeling huge on me, so I'm positive that I'm making progress. Yay!

*Except fruit


Anonymous said...

Good work Jenn. You will rock it!

Meghan said...

Good for you!

And I love cruises but you're right, they're an eating orgy

I Believe in Miracles said...

wow. that's really structured. i think it's good! makes life a little easier. wishing you the best! you can do it!

Almamay said...

Wow. Well done. I'm sure you will start feeling the benefit very soon. From personal experience, caffine is a very hard one to kick. Cutting down slowly is the best. Lots of water helps the withdrawl headaches.

Hillary said...

That's a strenuous but wonderful weight loss plan!! Keep up the good work :)

FunkyFrum said...

You can be my no wheat no dairy no sugar buddy! YAY! I made the best spelt bread today with seeds. It is fabulous with peanut butter on it!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

You just inspired me to try to make the candy I'm working on with Splenda. Would you be able to eat it if I did for Sunday?

Fertilized said...

Good for you! Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Way to go girlfriend!!! The loose and baggy clothes are a sure sign that you are rocking it ;)


~Jess said...

You'll do great on this!
My dad did something similar, cutting out the wheat/gluten, dairy, sugar...he's lost about 40 lbs already and he's been doing it since the beginning of October.

I'll be praying that it isn't too tough on you and you can be strong.

noswimmers said...

Woah girl...I'm in awe. You've just motivated me to get back on my diet.
Way to go!! Just remember the reason--it will all be worth it.