Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Um, uh, hm

A cold, a cough, congestion, Chinese food and crappy TV. Happy New Year!

New Year's resolutions? I'm not gonna be fooled by that crap again. No resolutions; I give them too much power.

My three wishes for 2009 (because good things come in threes too)

1. Health (mental and physical)
2. House within 15 minutes of company ready (see FlyLady)
3. Happiness (2008 was a 6.5; I'd like to make 2009 at least a 7).

Much love and good wishes to all who are following my journey. I thank G-D for all of you each day. Happy New Year!!


barrenisthenewblack said...

Happy New Year! How about a 9 for '09? You deserve it!
Feel better

Liddy said...

Happy New Year Chica! Hope you feel better soon! :)HUGS

Hillary said...

Happy New Year -- wishing much, much happiness for you in 2009!
And funny enough, my New Year's was exactly like yours except my Chinese food was good.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

annacyclopedia said...

I love your wishes! Such a good way of looking at it - I don't really do resolutions but I have about a million "shoulds" knocking around my head lately. Thanks for reminding me to keep it simple. Happy New Year and much love to you.