Monday, March 23, 2009

Deep Thoughts - The James Joyce Version

Not enough to merit separate posts, so here's a bunch of little stuff together.

--John Dear and I drove up to NY this weekend to visit his aunt and uncle and we had a nice time. Saw Hair. I'm glad I saw it, but I didn't really enjoy it. Voices were gorgeous, but you couldn't understand the words and the songs were not memorable (except for "Aquarius" cause up until an age that I will not mention because it is embarrassing I thought that the song was about my mom because she's an Aquarius). The nudity was not artistic as I believe was the case when the show first came out, it just seems gratuitous now. Just, OK everyone, strip!

--Incidentally, this was my first look at an/many un.circ'd you-know-whats. Looked odd to me. When I mentioned this to JD, his response was, "Um, I really wasn't looking that closely."

--Also, the naked human body is a beautiful thing, but there was a whole lot of not-beautiful (male and female) going on.

--Been off my pills for three days because I couldn't find them. Thought I had left them in my office desk drawer, but it turns out that I had put them in my new toothbrush bag (dentist has me brushing and using prescription-strength Listerine-type stuff after breakfast, which I keep in a bag that goes in my work bag) so the pills were with me all along, I just hadn't looked closely in the bag. Emotional freakouts occurred late last night (partially attributed to low blood sugar) and this morning, but I figure they will go as soon as the pills kick in.

--Took JD's car to work today since he volunteered to take my car in for an oil change. Also took my car keys with me, so JD is home all day with no car. That and the ensuing parade of horribles (he's got no car, no job, he's not going to do anything all day but play the effing computer, he's such a f*ckup) were the emotional freakout this morning.

--In order to be emotionally honest, I told him with the caveat that without the pills there was no real voice of moderation in my head, that I almost felt like he should just take any job so that I wouldn't hate him for not doing anything. (And it's not that he's not doing anything, just that the house is so bad and he's doing the bare minimum. And he says it's that he doesn't know what to do or that he needs my help for what goes where or what to throw away/giveaway and I'm like be an adult, suck it up and just do it). SO, I gave him a rundown on things that needed to be accomplished and didn't require a car; hopefully, he'll do some of those.

Got to the end of that?! Nice job. Understood it? You get a gold star!!


Ms. Perky said...
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A Few Good Sperm said...

Yay, I get a gold star!Speaking of 'uncirc'd you-know-whats,' my mom told me something strange the other day. My 20ish year old twin cousins were born at home. My aunt just had freakishly fast labor and couldn't make it out of the house. Anyhow, we were talking about that and my mom said, "that is why they weren't circumcised." Ewwww, too much information. Now I will never look at them the same. Plus I didn't understand why they couldn't be taken to the doctor after the fact. Weird.

Io said...

Hmmm. Maybe I need these pills of which you speak so I stop getting so angry and telling A "get a goddamn job" in response to everything he says.
I have dated (er, ok, dated and/or slept with) a couple guys that were uncircumcised. It was weird at first, but I think I actually prefer it.

Io said...

Uh. Not that you probably wanted to know that. Sorry! My tmi filter is broken!

Jo said...

Emotional freak-outs aside, I am glad you were able to be honest. Honesty is crucial in a marriage; the key is learning how to do it in a loving way. I still struggle with that one!

Thanks for your continued support on my blog. It means more than you will ever know.


Lorza said...

Why, oh why must we lead the men i our lives??? My husband was at home all weekend a few weeks ago...and I WAITED to see if he would take out the trash. (I worked all weekend). DID HE??? NO!!!! He just started piling next to the can. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck girl!

Me said...

Right after we "reconciled" late last summer, my husband was all up on the housework / house maintenance issues I'd been griping about (some since we moved in together YEARS before). But as the months wore on so did his enthusiasm and resolve. Ironically, as of November he was off the pain killers completely and back to being utterly unmotivated. We got in a fight and he turned around, sort of. He did pretty good for a bit and then began to taper on down to his previously established lazy plateau again. (Can it be a "plateau" if it is below sea level?) Recently, February maybe, we got into a BIG fight over this topic. However, after we both calmed down, we discussed it civilly. And although he will probably never again attain the overachievement he was last August, he's been very helpful - proactively so, even.

I swear to you, for the fist 7 years we were together my husband was the absolute laziest live-in male companion of any person I knew. I even, at times, wondered why I would marry such a selfish slob. But he has gotten soooo much better the last 9 months. It is two steps forward, one step back. But it IS forward progress. He's acting more and more like a real adult man all the time. Yes indeed, if it was possible for my husband, it may be possible for yours too.

(No promises, warranties or refunds though.)

Tricia said...

I find that lists, with very specific instructions work well for the men... not perfect.. Dh still finds a way to screw that up. But, at least 70% of the work gets done and the x box gets turned off for a few hours. Sigh.... Wouldn't it be nice if they weren't all the same?

You saw Hair? Jealous! I have never seen an un-snipped wee wee... I totally would have been looking also!
We went into the city to see West Side Story this past Saturday. Were we in Manhattan together? :) It was awesome. The reviews didn't do it justice. I just wish I spoke a bit more spanish to understand it.

~Jess said...

Gold star for me too! WOOHOO! (sorry I haven't been around crap).

I know with DH that sometimes he does need a list: We keep 2 on our fridge...1 says things that always need to be done, and the other says specific projects that we have going on.

I really wish I knew why men were like this, just so I can make sure if I have a son he isn't. *hugs*