Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Champagne Supernova

That's what I feel like -- just overwhelmed and like I'm about to burst into a million pieces. I'm not getting anything done at work or home. I'm spending all day at work reading blogs. My desk is a mess. I can't think. My home is a mess. I can't think.

I'd like to take the day off work tomorrow, but go in secretly and work on setting up files and organizing my office. I'd love to do the same thing at my house, but JD is there and will be up in my grill nonstop, like always.

Last night, my yoga nidra class (back with my awesome teacher, yay!) was a private class for me, since the other women in the class couldn't make it. So, my teacher centered a lot of the meditation on mindfulness and being aware of the moment. I've lost that calm in less than 24 hours.

I think I'm going to try setting a timer and working for that amount of time, so that I can feel like I've accomplished something, anything.

I'll be OK, just needed to vent.


FunkyFrum said...

hope it gets better. awesome about the private yoga class, though. that must have been great!

Melissa G said...

Dude. My desk, and my computer situation is the exact same as yours. I have not completed a single task today. But I'm lucky enough to be able to come in on Saturday when no one else is here to catch up.

Sorry for all the chaos. I hope thing get better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope things calm down inside your head for you very quickly.

The timer idea sounds like a good one. It works for me anyway (sometimes).

HereWeGoAJen said...

Oooh, it makes me CRAZY when things are like that. A mess outside makes me a mess inside. (In other words, I know how you feel.)

I think I am going to go scrub the kitchen right now.

Panamahat said...

It would be great to be able to meditate all day long, wouldn't it? Because I know I can lose my cool and clam just minutes after finishing a session sometimes!!

Clare said...

Yes I am a champagne supernova too. I feel so overwhelmed with work right now, sometimes it's easier just to avoid it!

So thanks for avoiding it with me at the Mad Ifers Tea Party which has just started on The Pitter-Patter! Looking forward to your cookie recipe! Glad you could make it!

nancy said...

hey, at least you HAVE an office! I hate being out of work.

But yet, I hope you get your time that you need to regroup!

Anonymous said...

Venting is good - it helps get it all out. How cool was the one on one yoga class!

take it easy my dear - this phase will pass too.


~Jess said...

I know for myself it is so much easier to focus on things, when I don't have someone breathing down my neck. I'm really glad you had a private yoga session, with all that you have going on you need that alone time to focus on yourself.


LJ said...

I love the timer idea. My therapist had me use it on bad days. Like, I could be miserable for an hour, and schedule it. It was super helpful.

Lorza said...

timers- great idea. I think that even 24 hours of peace is good. 2 hours is good. Heck, who am I kidding. 30 minutes would make me happy sometimes. :)