Monday, September 14, 2009

TP Tango

TMI Post - so look away if you wish...

So, we're 11 dpDIUI (that's 11 days past the donor IUI, well, 10 or 11, depending on where you start counting). I've been feeling increasingly dizzy, and increasingly nauseated. I also have intermittent bouts of breast tenderness.

I've been trying not to compare this 2 week wait to my last one since:
1) This time, I'm on prometrium (progesterone suppositories) and that may change things;
2) I can't remember when I started feeling early pregnancy symptoms and in what intensity last time;
3) Every pregnancy is different; and
4) Last time, we really didn't get a great outcome, so why measure using that yardstick?
Of course, it's impossible not to compare symptoms.

When I just went to the bathroom, I got some yellow/pink streaks and a very small red clot. Not sure if that means something or anything. I haven't called my nurse because what's she gonna do? It's wait-and-see mode here.

Any suggestions? Should I be calling my nurse?

Beta (pregnancy blood test) is scheduled for Friday morning, 8:30 AM.
An hour later, a trip to the bathroom revealed red streaks. On a regular cycle, I'd be getting my period today (my ovulation was much later than expected), so I'm pretty sure that this is the end for this cycle.

No use in calling my nurse today, as she doesn't return calls after 3:30 and, clearly, this ain't an emergency.


N said...

But if you ovulated later, then you should be getting your period later. Fingers crossed the spotting goes away.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is the streaking becca has... and she is 4 months preggers...


Liddy said...

Crossing my fingers the spotting goes away.

Anonymous said...

It could be implantation...I had pink with red at 10dpiui and it scared the F*** out of me.

Keeping it crossed for you!

LJ said...

Motherfudrucker that blows.
And you're such a John, you're totally not a Ringo. You're funny and sweet, with just the right amount of irony and sarcasm.

Carrie said...

Spotting can be totally normal, so here's hoping it's not your period! I had spotting 12dpo and was convinced it was over... but it faded after a couple of days and everything turned out fine.

Are you going to POAS before beta?

~Jess said...

I'm hoping it goes away: If you ovulated later, it could just be spotting, not your period.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Darn. I was really hoping.

Meghan said...

Hoping it goes away and is one of those things that just f's with your head.

sonja said...

Ugh, I hope it's not AF. It could still go away. Are you going to POAS or hold off til the blood test?

Anonymous said...

Holding you in my thoughts, TMI or not ;). (my verification word is "ploys")

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Where the hell have I been? I didn't realize you did #2. I hope, hope, hope it isn't AF!
Weird, my verification word is one letter off from my very different Italian maiden name.

SassyCupcakes said...

*hug* I hope it's just spotting and you get a good number on Friday.

Fertilized said...

I am crossing my fingers it is implantation and not AF

'Murgdan' said...

Boo if it's AF...I'm hoping it's something better...Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Hoping for you Jen.