Friday, October 26, 2007

Am I in Guantanamo?

When a loved one has outpatient surgery and you are the primary caregiver, sleep is a precious jewel. Sleep is a precious jewel that you don't have and have only heard about from people who don't have a loved one keeping them up at night like some sort of secret police investigator interrogating a terrorist.

That is one of the things they do to torture people, you know? Sleep deprivation? Learn it, live it, hate it and anyone who prevents you from sleeping.

John Dear's pain has now stabilized and he is much more aware of how often he requests a fluffed pillow, more water, help to the bathroom, etc. But last week? Well, he's lucky he got through last week, because I almost killed him (and everyone else).

It's not that JD was impolite in his requests, more that they came so often that I didn't have a second to sit down. We both questioned how we could possibly raise children when I clearly cannot function without a full night's sleep. Plus, I was an enormous "not-good person" (rhymes with witch).

Now that I've had several full nights of sleep, I am back to my usual polished-halo self.

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