Thursday, October 11, 2007

In Need of Seed - Part I

Realized that this post is rather long for any tolerant blog reader, so, at John Dear's suggestion, I am breaking it up into parts. Please thank John Dear for his practicality on this issue.

I've spent much of the afternoon not doing work. It seems that I am unable to focus enough to make a summary of the latest financial transaction for my business and I don't care when the next useless report will be due.

Baby issues on the brain. This afternoon has been spent reading blogs by women dealing with infertility. Are John Dear and I dealing with infertility? Not sure. We've been trying since May with no good news. They say that the average couple should try for a year before seeking help. Well, we're not average, I'm fabulous!! (JD is great, but as we saw in the Thunderpollen discussion, he's a complete dork. Yes, I'm a dorkaphile.)

To be serious for a tick, John Dear has ejaculatory inhibition. Meaning that his work very rarely gets done, if you catch my drift. Women not TTC may think it is wonderful because the man can go as long as the woman has stamina. But trust me, after awhile, it's tiring and physically irritating.

So, here I am, trying to exercise and eat right and get plenty of rest, taking my stupid temperature every morning, taking a prescribed prenatal vitamin for Christ's sake! It's not getting us anywhere. The two times that JD was able to pull the trigger when I was ovulating have not resulted in a BFP (big fat positive).

Aside: my footie stocking has slipped under my heel and it makes it extremely difficult to concentrate.

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