Friday, October 12, 2007

In Need of Seed - Part II

To read the beginning of this epic, aka Part I, click here.

I started looking at the websites of different fertility clinics in our area. One of them has a kind of Ask-the-Expert widget set up, so you can email questions. I wrote in and asked whether they thought we should wait longer, or come in sooner. The doctor’s advice was that the year time frame was for couples with no known issues, and that since we have a known issue (John Dear's delayed ejaculation) we could get started now if we like.

Aside: Just found the credit card that I thought I had lost. Put it in my desk drawer so I wouldn’t lose it. Yes, if I had a brain, I’d be dangerous.

I should be ovulating in the next few days. So, we’ll keep on keepin’ on on that score. Of course, JD also has to stop his pain meds today so that he’s pain med-free by the time the surgery rolls around. Great idea - cause he's such a pleasure to deal with when he's in agonizing pain. And that should make a romantic interlude really do-able.

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