Friday, October 26, 2007

G-D Bless Everyone

Even though they may never see this post, I want to send my heartfelt thanks to them out to the universe:

John Dear's doctors and nurses at the hospital who, despite bureaucratic screw ups and a cranky patient, tried to make the experience of JD's surgery as painless (for me and for JD) as possible.

The nurses at our local ER who took a screaming-in-pain John Dear at 4:30 AM back to a doctor before a man with a stab wound (the wound had been stabilized).

The orthopedic resident at the ER who cut open JD's bandages and assured the both of us that JD was healing well and that the pain was not from surgery, but instead, from gout.

Each and every member of our families, for sitting with JD, laundry duties, tons of dinners for the fridge and moral support. I would have had a nervous breakdown without you!!

Finally, to all the friends who sent good wishes our way -- we appreciate your thoughts and crossed fingers.

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