Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Play in One-Act

As John Dear's surgery comes ever closer (T minus 6), he has begun to accompany me (in the wheelchair) on my nightly walk with The Boy. These walks give him much needed practice on maneuvering with the wheelchair, and as a positive side effect, will "develop The Guns." I've yet to point out to my dear husband that he has no guns [hulking biceps for you uninitiated] as yet, so it should really be "develop some/any guns".

Last night's walk was wonderful because the temperature in our area has finally gone down. Yes, Mother Nature woke up and realized that it was October, not August. JD mentioned the possibility of opening up the window in our bedroom for the night. What follows is our conversation:

JD: You know, it's so hot in the house, we could just open up the windows in the bedroom tonight and air it out.

Jendeis: Yes, that would be nice, but I'm afraid of pollen..."

JD: Hmm.

Jendeis (interrupting): ...and thunder from the storms that are supposed to come through.

JD: Yes, and thunderpollen. (pause) I think I've just found a new character for my video game.

Jendeis: I think I've found my next blog post!


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