Monday, May 4, 2009


So, it turns out that our guy doesn't have any samples available; all are in quarantine. The bank isn't allowed to give us an approximation of when they will come out of quarantine. We're now on a wait list for both IUI and ICI samples, whatever comes in first is what we would go with.

So, we just picked a backup donor, someone who has all samples available. He doesn't look like JD the way that #1 did, but we're willing to go with him.

So, the plan now is to wait until we need to order the vials (about 10 days or so) and then see who's available. If we can go with #1, great. If not (and that seems more than likely), we'll go forward with #2 for this cycle.

Can't anything be simple? Sheesh.

P.S. Also, my nurse is on medical leave (hope she just has a cold and is not really sick) and will not be returning any calls, which means that JD can't talk to her and ask (as suggested by my mother) whether our doctor could get the quarantine-exit date from the bank. (I'm thinking no, cause it's a donor-privacy thing, but my mother said, don't be ruled by assumptions, leave no stone unturned).


noswimmers said...

Ahhhh...shoot. I'm sorry, that really stinks! I hope it becomes available before insem day.

I had to chuckle, though, it reminded me of a convo I had with the sperm bank a while back:


calliope said...

that sucks about the availability of choice #1- would be awesome if he could be ready when you guys were.

annacyclopedia said...

Ugh. So frustrating. I'm hoping #1 is magically available when you need him and sending you wishes for this to be the last bump in the road.

Oh, and I don't know whether this helps, but the bank I dealt with (actually was a Canadian distributor for Xy.te.x) was more than happy to give me the quarantine release dates for donors we were interested in. So it definitely doesn't hurt to ask, even if you contact the bank directly. Good luck!

LJ said...

Blech, what a total pain in the ass. Definitely ask - like you said, you never know.

becomingwhole said...

That sucks! So sorry! Like some more stress right now was just what you needed! I hope you get #1, also. Hope you're able to de-stress at some point in the near future.

~Jess said...

How frustrating!
Hopefully the donor becomes available again before the IUI. I'm sorry that nothing is easier...*hugS*

A Decade of BFNs said...

Aww Hun I hope it works out. I hope he isnt quarentine for too long. (((huggs))))

barrenisthenewblack said...

Thanks for your hug. It made me cry a little bit (in a good way).

Is it bad that "quarantine" made me think that the sperm must have the swine flu, and then I thought about Kosher issues, and well, my tears turned to laughter:) So, thanks for that. Sorry it was at the expense of your future child.

Anyway....I'm sorry about the obnoxious quarantine issue. I hope that it works out with the first donor, and if it has to be the second, well, I've always though that #2 could be a charm:)

Big hug back

Fertilized said...

bleeeeah! I am sorry things can't be like the original plan. I think asking any questions you have is a great idea

Somewhat Ordinary said...

All that effort to choose the perfect match...nope, nothing is ever easy. All this stress will be worth it when you are holding that sweet little baby. Soon my friend, soon!

JJ said...

I just had to shake my head...nothing EVER seems simple! Im sorry the first choice was not an option-really hope its not a long wait!